Highlighting International Liberian Artist on Their Way Up Part 1

first_imgIn the last few years, a slew of male artist have flooded the Liberian music industry, but the tide of who’s actually making good music seems to be spinning.More and more international artists are emerging as good artists that a lot of the Liberian-based community has no knowledge of.Some have the music game locked down and in control with tunes mixed with love ballads, afro dance while others have just their own unique style.Well this year, 2015, we’ll be highlighting stars who have already signified the music industry abroad, to help them re-connect with fans back home.Augustus Cole Jr, commonly known as G-Rize has recently been nominated as ‘best artist’ for the Liberian entertainment awards. His swag, deliverance and effort in his music career have not only captured those who spend money to see him perform and croon in their ears, but have also caught LIB LIFE’s interest.“Welcome to G-Rize world”A tribute song/video called ”NEVER GIVE UP” by G-Rize heightened his fan base considerably by those who have and are still being affected by the deadly Ebola virus.“I felt their pain and I had to do something by praying for them and letting the world know what was going on, so I did that song” G-Rize says.The song has an unbelievable amount of views, compared to that of other Ebola tracks made over the last year, which indicates his popularity among others.“I’m different from a lot of other artist because of my hard work and determination. I know in order to be successful, you will have to work very hard and be very creative” he adds.Creativity is a kaleidoscope of what G-Rize is. I watched his “”LIB Ladies” meaning ”Liberian Girls” track and was taken aback by the video; which features Liberians across the globe.“My last single release “LIB ladies” was letting them know how beautiful they are and showing the world the ”BEAUTY” of our culture and beautiful women. I did this record with another Liberian artist base out here in the U.S called Chris DeSheild. I also have another single coming out called ”Ur Waist” featuring one of Liberia finest artist ”Shadow Man” who is now base in Philadelphia, USA,” he added. AFRO/POP music is his style, but throughout the years he’s been versatile and mixes his African culture sound with his American sound. G-Rize music will surely make you dance and feel the vibes of the music.“I love to see people smile and I also love to inspire others to follow their dreams through my music”Now that he’s being nominated a fourth time during the Liberian Entertainment (LEA) sixth year run, we’ve decided to highlight a star who’s shine may have been hidden from the Liberian based community because of distance.“Being nominated for the fourth time at the LEA means a lot to me knowing that my people see what I do and they believe in me. That says a lot about my work. I’m very humbled and blessed to be here today doing what I love. I’ve recorded numerous songs and have the ability to perform on many stages across U.S,” he adds,”  My prayers have allowed me to achieve many goals, like having over 100,000 views on YouTube and receiving many awards,’ he added.According to G-Rize, though he has found a path filled with successes, he never takes for granted where he started. So, he does his best to give back to his community and various non-profit organizations.“Always believe in yourself and work until you no longer have to introduce yourself”Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more