BENS BLOGS Excuse me do you serve Yocks

first_img“Man walks into Reubens restaurant, with a crocodile under his arm, and asks at the counter ‘Excuse me, do you serve Yocks?’(‘Yocks’. The Jewish, piss-take word, for non-jews. As we all know, you can’t take the piss out of anyone. (Except an English Whitey; of course!))The restaurateur replies ‘Yes, Sir! How can I help you today?’.Man says ‘I’ll have a chicken soup, a salt-beef sandwich, AND A YOCK FOR THE CROCODILE!’.”HAHAHA!! PURE CLASS.In other news:The Baron was the first whale-punter, Star ever played against. His presence, as an individual. His guile and sophistication. His aggression and domineering character. Were all a baptism of fire, for me, when I first visited his offices, in Mayfair, as a young layer, looking to make my way, in the West End of London.He was the ultimate prize for any bookmaker. Any bookmaker, that said; who not only, had the balls to lay his huge bets, but who could also stand up; to his overpowering and flash ego.But where there is great strength, there is always a release. A weakness. And to play with bookmakers, was The Baron’s secret place.And his lust to play was.. It was.. Well, was just breathtaking..But that lust has led him, now, to a place, far, far away. For a very long time. A very long time…indeed. He, sadly, became a very ill-member. He did a lot of naughty things. And he took a lot of ‘libbos’ (The Baron’s word for liberties.). Some were against institutions that were fair-game. Some were against individuals that should have known better. But some too, were against innocent, straight-batters, who he was ruthless and wrong with. That is the truth of the matter.That said; He might have knocked a lot of people, but he paid us. He didn’t take too many ‘libbos’ either (I didn’t give him the chance!). And the money he lost, cured a lot of self-inflictions, that I’d created elsewhere. The Star Family remembers him. And he remembers us. And from his cage, he sends me the odd joke, every now and then. I hope you enjoyed today’s, Blog. I’ll tell you another one soon.Over and out, B xlast_img read more