Analysis of Shanghai dragon or SEM two network marketing


people will all achieve the purpose of marketing mode called network marketing through the network channels, some people do not know the difference between SEM and the Shanghai dragon, some people do not even know the WeChat micro-blog marketing, marketing and other marketing methods. Of course, this is not wrong, after all, gehangrugeshan. But, if you’re ready to expand your marketing path through the network channels, some of the basic concepts, functions, advantages and disadvantages of these differences, still need to understand. At present, micro-blog marketing has become the past, WeChat marketing has not formed climate, platform marketing threshold is high, also bound. The new marketing mode has not been perfect, and the search engine still has strong adhesion. Therefore, SEM and the Shanghai dragon is still the mainstream of network marketing, website construction of Guangzhou Qiyi network Xiaobian today to tell you a simple analysis of the SEM and the Shanghai dragon of the two ways, the target search engine for Baidu. read more

On the web site optimization or optimization step by step to confirm

website optimization or web page optimization is always a hot topic, although in the end most of the Shanghai dragon agree is a web page optimization, the evidence comes from where? Here to demonstrate a.

indeed, station for more than 3 months, included is good, but the ranking is well after. Later, have been looking for reasons, finally have a clue. I found a little, the original site in the site: command, with the new home page snapshot is the day, included the main keyword with the snapshot. But in the two level domain name, only one keyword site is actually better than the home page snapshot slow more than 2 months. How is this going? read more

The correct treatment and deep understanding of the important chain correlation

mentioned the concept of PR, many novice friends also wonder, when some search keywords, some in the front row, the chain number is not significant, but the chain of the site is not high quality website. In fact, the reason for this situation, we should introduce the concept of correlation chain mentioned in the topic.


went back to the old topic, the chain what is valuable and useful

I have always attached great importance to the importance of the chain of Shanghai dragon of course, in many of the Shanghai dragon team, this attention to the extent of the chain in the number of team members can be confirmed. I contacted a Shanghai dragon industry predecessors, have the honor to his Internet company to visit and study, his Shanghai dragon has a team of 60 people, of which the number of the chain sector accounted for 45 people, these are full-time and part-time staff and he hired the chain on the network, he reckons add up to about a hundred people, it is a team I see. In the network, I heard, some number of the chain department even over thousands of their scale, Shanghai dragon in charge of foreign chain department planning is very orderly, indeed, in the search engine algorithm in the existing system, relying on a large number of the chain can raise a lot of keywords ranking. read more

Shanghai love big update gave me what lessons


love Shanghai update action is big, let all suffered a history of political turmoil, many of the sites, many of the old site, has been operating for 4, 5 years of hard work results in the overnight K nothing. The truth love Shanghai this action is big, many sites are affected in different degrees, K phenomenon very much, my site has not escaped this disaster, included were pulled. Many of the sites complain love Shanghai shameless, the love of Shanghai look very sinister, but we are more important in the update is a lesson. read more

Love Shanghai search tool Custom Search first experience

3)The results of


2) appearance settings

it’s sort of function can make users to search rearrangement results in the specific dimension, as soon as possible to the location of the dimension of top results. The webmaster can according to the specific needs of most concerned about the user dimensions for reasonable allocation. Such as the purchase of demand on price ranking demand strong, which can be sorted according to the price of options is introduced.

currently love Shanghai search has the following functions: basic information set, and the top appearance settings and search terms of shielding, hot search word set, access code, statistical information. read more

Google PR value of the calculated depth

You may think that ?

actually, we can change a way of thinking, if the formula of love Shanghai Encyclopedia of PR is correct, if we have a newly established new target page, if one is PR1 home made a Links to us, and we only a chain, then we PR this time is 1. A PR9 page has 8 external links, plus we are 9 chain links, according to the calculation formula of our PR value should also be 1. But what is the reality, if a PR9 page only 9 chain and give us a page, our PR value may be very high, will certainly be more than 1. So what went wrong? read more

Nanning Shanghai dragon the first is how to do it

fifth, the construction of web content. The use of pseudo original + original two complement each other, the benefits of the original needless to say (but my literary talent is not good, only updates on the website), but the pseudo original effect how? I often use false original method to modify the site, usually with their own language and add first paragraph at the end in the article, this method can also be included in the search engine.

fourth, sitemap.xml site map. I have more than 20 pages included not many pages, but since the addition of sitemap increased after overnight included more than 50 pages. This shows that sitemap is useful for the collection of the search engine. Many articles in the use of read more

The actual process of new Shanghai Dragon write original go to the forum blog

to write the second, hot, hot to write in your article, through the collation of the point, the integration of their own language, is an original, the original, because there is a hot news clip inside, will get good record search and browsing;

in the actual combat say first to write original. Just began to write the article, I do not know what to write, writing from what place to start, and I doubt my own ability to work in this area, but still to write. Write for a long time, gradually found the original writing is not difficult, mainly to see if you want to write, have the mood to write. No matter what to write, just try to write, write more, learn more, think deeply, improve the writing ability of expression, to finally write high quality articles. read more

nstall love Shanghai statistics on the Shanghai dragon optimization ranking is good

love Shanghai statistics, more and more webmaster friends for your web site to install love Shanghai statistical code, some friends said after the installation site to get a better ranking, some friends said after the installation site included reducing, right down, even the phenomenon of K station. How to install love Shanghai statistics OK?


happy child according to the statistical results are as follows: the user experience good site installation of love Shanghai statistics on the website ranking role, but the user experience is relatively not so good standing (especially some of the garbage station, traffic station or railway station) to install love Shanghai statistics played a negative role. read more

Shanghai Longfeng chain Collection 10 external links to the most effective summary

2. do the best chain blog is updated every day, on his blog, persevere, so the chain blog made it more likely to be included in

1. needs and their site related industry site exchange, not related to the Links exchange to enhance the website weight, if not a large number of exchange links, search engine optimization website will think you are deliberately, not on the site to help the friendship link.

two: blog link

1. the content of posts must and your site related theme, so the chain is

group in exchange for read more