Dina Begić, Karlovac County Tourist Board: Zagreb and Zagreb County are extremely important markets for us

first_imgOn Thursday, September 9, Karlovac County will present itself to the people of Zagreb for the second time on Ban Jelačić Square from 9 am to 19 pm with a rich program entitled “With the neighbors at the clock”. The event is intended to be the largest showcase of diverse and rich cultural-historical, traditional, eno and gastronomic, tourist and economic offer of Karlovac County, which will be presented through tastings and sales and a full day program on and around the stage – ethno village, show cooking, workshops … The Tourist Board of Karlovac County reminds that all facilities for visitors are free, and the goal of this unique gathering is to show the old traditional crafts and customs of Karlovac County.Or simply – an open invitation to all citizens of Zagreb to visit Karlovac County. By the way, when comparing the continental tourism of Austria, Bavaria or Switzerland, it is important to emphasize that it strongly relies on domestic guests, while in our country this segment, which should be the main base, is very neglected. Both because of the lower standard, and because there is no habit. But these are just challenges that tourism professionals need to address, certainly not insurmountable obstacles.At the class, the people of Karlovac will show their neighbors from Zagreb their old traditional crafts and customs such as basket weaving, sewing Easter eggs, sneezing feathers and felting wool, and especially interesting will be the presentation of making jalba – headgear worn by married women in villages along the Kupa Ozalj and Karlovac, which is made of elastic material of hollow structure with a special knitting technique. Gourmets will surely be delighted by the arrival of about 30 Family Farms that will offer their cheeses, honey, buckwheat, corn flour, barley porridge, homemade juices and jams, fruits and mushrooms, medicinal preparations and bakery products, as well as wooden and ceramic kitchen equipment and pottery. At the Trad Food Spot, one of the best chefs in Karlovac County, Ivana Kuzmanić, will prepare traditional dishes from her region, and the youngest will be able to enjoy gastronomic workshops appropriate to their age. The presentation of the Karlovac freshwater aquarium and the inevitable Guinness strudel, as well as numerous other desserts such as the delicious Katarina Zrinska cake, will certainly arouse interest. At the all-day gathering of good neighbors on the central square of Zagreb, those present will be entertained by KUDs and tamburitza ensembles from Karlovac County and majorettes.We were interested in how much Karlovac tourism benefits from being in the vicinity of one of the most important destinations of continental tourism – Zagreb. The answer is logical – a lot. “Zagreb and Zagreb County are extremely important markets for us for several reasons. Traditionally, many Zagreb residents come to swim in our rivers in the summer season, and many of us also have holiday homes, most often along the Mrežnica River. Furthermore, in our work so far and contacts with hoteliers in the Zagreb area, we have come to the realization that they generally have little information about the tourist offer near Zagreb, and guests often ask them about the possibilities for excursion destinations. Given that this is a potential market of almost a million inhabitants, we are all working together (here, except for the tourist boards in our area, I mean both the private and public sectors) to develop tourism products that will be interesting to all ages and different interests. group. Despite the incentives provided by the Croatian National Tourist Board for DMK agencies, so far we have not found a tour operator who would be more seriously interested in including our offer in their arrangements. With the opening of Aquatika, something started a little, but we are still a transit destination with a short stay in the county, says the head of the Tourist Office, Dina Begić, adding that Karlovac County (except the city of Zagreb) has been the leading continental county in terms of the number of overnight stays and arrivals for many years.Karlovac County recorded an increase of 28 percent of overnight stays”Last year, 2016, we ended up with 474 overnight stays, and this year we have already crossed 000 overnight stays. With an increase of 350.000 percent compared to the same period in 28, it is realistic to expect that this year we will have an even better overall result at the end of the year. Our guests most often visit our rivers in the bathing season, then come for rafting and canoeing, and more and more for cycling trails which we try to connect all that is most attractive to tourists. They also come to our camps a lot, and in recent years they have been especially interested in Robinson camps, mostly located along Mrežnica.”, Reminds Dina Begić, adding that they try to develop their tourism products in accordance with the guidelines set in the Tourism Development Strategy of the Republic of Croatia, which are, above all, various forms of active holidays combined with traditional gastronomic offer, and work on branding local gastronomy in collaboration with caterers.The director of the Karlovac Tourist Board believes that continental tourism is possible throughout the year. “Our hotels and restaurants are open all year round and the offer is mostly such that it is possible, not perhaps in all segments of the tourist offer (those that are also dependent on weather conditions, such as cycling and rafting) but in a good part it is possible. There will be even better results when a tour operator is interested in this area of ​​ours, here I mean the whole of continental Croatia, which offers much more than the coastal part of Croatia where the first motive is the arrival of the sun and the sea.”, Concludes Dina Begić.In any case, it is certainly wise and desirable to use Zagreb as one of the primary markets, both because of its proximity as a weekend destination, and because of the size and financial power of the market. The more the better. Perhaps it would be interesting to open an info tourist office of the Karlovac County Tourist Board in Zagreb, which would be constantly present and tell various stories from Karlovac County. What is certain is that continental tourism can and must last throughout the year, and the proximity of Zagreb is certainly a big plus and potential for Karlovac County.Related news: UNIQUE TOURIST GUIDE THROUGH KARLOVAC COUNTY PRESENTEDlast_img

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