Ten things that make FIFA 19 the best FIFA yet

first_img2. Controlled finishingSmashing one in from 30 yards always felt good on FIFA, but having introduced timed finishing this year, it feels better than ever. It’s not always easy to get it perfect, but catch it right, and the added animations of your player lashing home is brilliant.3. Amazing fansPerhaps the one area where football games haven’t really advanced, the crowd in FIFA 19 has seen a big overhaul this year. We love the improved faces, the added banners, even bigger noise and the animation where one fan grabs another for a pre-game selfie. Class.4. No rules kick offKick off had become a little stale, but in FIFA 19 the ‘no rules’ addition is incredible. Play against your friends and get away with all kinds of shocking tackles, offside strikes and other craziness without the referee doing a thing. So much fun.5. Improved lightingThe Frostbite engine has helped FIFA improve graphics slowly in the last few editions, but this year you feel like EA has harnessed its full power. The lighting of summer evening matches is perfect, with light from sunsets creeping through, and shadows on the pitch look more authentic than ever. It’s a small thing, but it’s important.6. TacticsTactics in FIFA has rarely strayed beyond 4-4-2 or 4-3-3, but this year there’s extensive options right down to how many players you want in the box on a corner. You can also choose whether you want the team to press only when they lose the ball, or constantly. Really good.7. Badges and numberingThings are getting niche now, but we love how the badges and numbering change on your kits in FIFA 19 Career Mode. Take a League Two struggler to the Premier League and the numbers on their kit will change. Win the title with Arsenal and the arm patches turn from white to gold. A really welcome addition.8. Chinese Super LeagueSticking with Career Mode chat, you can now take charge of the big spending Chinese Super League teams and go crazy by offering a 38-year-old Messi £800,000-a-week to come and play for you. Perfect.9. Mini mapAnother subtle but great change is the map at the bottom of the screen. The home team play with dots and the away team are triangles, meaning there’s no longer confusion over who is who. Really good.10. Ultimate Team changesFUT hasn’t been hugely overhauled this year, but there are a number of changes that make it much better. Our favourite is that pack odds are now disclosed, so you have a much better idea of what you’re getting. Great work.FIFA 19 is out now and available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. 2 It’s hard for an annual title to make significant strides forward year, but having seen little innovation in FIFA 18, there was pressure on FIFA 19 to kick things on to a new level.The good news is that it does exactly that, with a selection of new additions that make the edition by far the best FIFA ever released.Here’s our 10 favourite things from the new game that we absolutely love.1. Champions League licencesEA Sports moved quickly to snatch the UEFA licences away from Konami’s PES this summer, and what a difference they make. The incredible realism of the banners and logos, plus THAT music playing before kick-off adds an extra dimension to games.last_img

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