China is launching its own version of Netflix

first_imgChina is a hotbed for piracy, just ask Microsoft about sales of bootleg copies of Windows. So when a legitimate service that will be the equivalent of Netflix for the billion-strong population is in development, content owners sit up and take notice.Later this year, the China Movie Channel is set to launch such a service and offer up a range of content for a fee. It is guaranteed a high chance of success because it is being backed by the Chinese government, meaning no one is really going to complain about it too much.China Movie Channel already has established relationships with all the major Hollywood studios, but so far only Paramount Pictures has signed up for this new streaming service. Others are expected to follow, with MGM thought to be coming on board next.The service will carry a very low subscription charge and there’s going to be a focus on mobile streaming. At the same time, the involvement of the government will ensure subscribers don’t get to watch anything deemed unsuitable while turning a healthy profit from the expected millions of subscribers.China Movie Channel already has a successful website offering over 6,000 movies, called It has 3 million registered users, all of whom will be transitioned over to the new service when it launches.With the Chinese government implementing heavy restrictions on what can and can’t be released in the country, combined with high levels of piracy, it’s unlikely Hollywood will see this new service as anything other than a positive move. Studios will be guaranteed license payments in return for their content being offered in a streaming-only format. It may even see fewer movies released on disc if it proves more profitable to stream.Read more at Reuterslast_img

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