Shady Facebook app devs are selling your details for pennies

first_imgBy now, you’ve probably accepted the fact that if you’re on Facebook you’re unwittingly giving up at least some information about yourself to people you’d rather not — even if you’ve done your level best to batten down the privacy hatches. But the badness extends way beyond advertisers hoovering up data so they can target you with their latest campaigns. It’s abundantly clear that some Facebook app developers have no qualms about passing your information on to just about anyone.And by “just about anyone,” I mean people who have five bucks and want a spreadsheet with 1.2 million names, emails, and profile URLs. That’s precisely the deal that was presented to online marketer Bogomil Shopov, and he lept at the opportunity — because, hey, he likes a good bargain. To put it into perspective, that’s $0.000004 — about 1/300th what some spammers marketers will pay for a haul of email addresses.As an added bonus, the app maintainer who was selling this particular list guaranteed that the details were current, active, and belonged to English speaking users primarily from the U.S., Canada, the UK, and Europe.Now, presumably Facebook isn’t all that keen on people who offer apps to its users doing this kind of thing. Using that data to bombard users while they’re on Facebook is one thing, but providing ammunition that could lead to direct email campaigns targeting those same users? That’s a step too far, surely.The biggest offence, of course, isn’t really that the information is trickling out beyond Facebook’s perimeter. It’s that someone else has the nerve to do exactly what Facebook is trying to do to turn a profit.More at Bogo  Photo by Valerie Everettlast_img

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