NASA Share Your Memories of the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

first_img NASA is celebrating this summer’s 50th anniversary of Apollo 11 with a commemorative audio series examining the Moon’s cultural and scientific influence over the last half century.And it needs your help.As part of the program, NASA invites citizens to contribute to an oral history project honoring “giant leaps and exploration of all kinds.”AdChoices广告“You can help NASA tell the Apollo story by sharing your own perspective on lunar exploration, or by interviewing a loved one who lived during the Apollo era,” the agency said.Where were you when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin walked on the Moon? What was your life like in 1969? What does “exploration” mean to you? What would it be like to see humans leave another boot print on Earth’s satellite?Simply open the voice recording app on your phone or tablet (or download one of the many free options), recount your own experience or chat with someone else about theirs, and email the audio file (mp3, mp4, m4a, or wav) to [email protected] sure to include your full name, hometown, and state in the message text, as well as that of your interviewee (if applicable). Add any contextual details you’d like.“You’ll receive a thank-you email from us and we may follow up to get more detail or clarify something in your story,” according to NASA.The deadline for personal stories is Dec. 31, 2019; those received before June 14, however, have the best chance of making it into the audio series. Longer submissions may be featured on the space agency’s website or social media pages as part of the oral history project.Coming this summer, NASA Explorers: Apollo not only ponders the past but peers into the future of planetary exploration.Listeners will meet a Moon detective, tour a lab for space rocks, and hear from scientists whose lives and work have been shaped by the Apollo program.More on Manual Used for Apollo 11 Moon Landing Is Up For AuctionUSPS Celebrates Apollo 11 Anniversary With New StampsLimited-Edition Budweiser Brew Celebrates 50 Years Since Moon Landing Butter Sculptures Celebrate Apollo 11 AstronautsApollo 11 Tapes Sold For $1.82M at Sotheby’s Auction Stay on targetlast_img

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