Google PR value of the calculated depth

You may think that ?

actually, we can change a way of thinking, if the formula of love Shanghai Encyclopedia of PR is correct, if we have a newly established new target page, if one is PR1 home made a Links to us, and we only a chain, then we PR this time is 1. A PR9 page has 8 external links, plus we are 9 chain links, according to the calculation formula of our PR value should also be 1. But what is the reality, if a PR9 page only 9 chain and give us a page, our PR value may be very high, will certainly be more than 1. So what went wrong?

very interesting, although his idea is very simple, but this is a problem but in fact many people is not mentioned, according to the Shanghai encyclopedia on the interpretation of love, we can see that the calculation method is certainly not perfect. Formula: PR Encyclopedia PR (A) = (1-D) +d (PR (T1) + /C (T1)… +PR (TN) /C (TN), for this formula, we follow the thinking of the most simple words, such as our origin Shanghai dragon forum home page PR as the target computing (A), external links are the original page and page link guide other words, then the calculation formula of can a simplified PR (A) =0.15+0.85* (0.15+0.15+0.15… X… If the number of pages), including external links is X, if we need the target page PR is 1 words, we need to do about 7 outside the chain, if you need to target page PR value is 2, only 15, to the PR value is 3, only need to 23 a chain…… We can clearly feel that there exist some problems, because they show that if you do the arithmetic progression, from PR2 to PR1 the number of the chain to get the target page from PR2 to PR3, this is obviously not possible. So what went wrong?

may be omitted the calculation of our problems, but even if the calculation is not omitted, the number of outbound links on each page may be 10 or more, but this is only a proportion of the number, eventually led to the need to promote increased, but the relationship between this sequence is the same, because he is a change a constant rather than variable, so the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love formula must be a well-known problem, and found it is possible to solve the problem of our understanding of PR.

recently saw a funny story, a calculation asked Google PR is =0.15+0.85* A "(PR value transfer value +B" transfer value…… ), then I can not think so, if I don’t back part, each page only let him pass the value 0.15, so if I do 100 outside the chain, the PR value is not equal to 15, this formula is not very at

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