Nanning Shanghai dragon the first is how to do it

fifth, the construction of web content. The use of pseudo original + original two complement each other, the benefits of the original needless to say (but my literary talent is not good, only updates on the website), but the pseudo original effect how? I often use false original method to modify the site, usually with their own language and add first paragraph at the end in the article, this method can also be included in the search engine.

fourth, sitemap.xml site map. I have more than 20 pages included not many pages, but since the addition of sitemap increased after overnight included more than 50 pages. This shows that sitemap is useful for the collection of the search engine. Many articles in the use of

sixth, always observe the search engine crawlers visit. In the zblog install a ASP search engine climb >

second, the chain construction strategy. Because I have other work, so I can’t often go to raise some blogs to raise a website, so when the promotion of this site, I basically did not use blog way (to hear new blog weight is not high), so I was in some classification information website, love Shanghai, long station post station know. Every day I go to the classified information website to publish different external links, has now accumulated more than 200 classification website registered account. It is worth mentioning that before the release in the Chinese station and Admin5 article reprint the fastest, external links day increased forty or fifty, ranking is also the fastest climbing.

third, internal link optimization. Due to the use of the ZBLOG program, I will most of the web site will generate static HTML, even more than the article page classification menu is static, it included better, at the same time each article basically have Nanning Shanghai dragon anchor text.

first, the selected keywords. "Nanning Shanghai dragon" this is one of the words I have long wanted to do, although he is not very hot, but it is really many Internet companies are doing the keywords, can take this key words personally feel is very meaningful. In my meaning lies in looking for a job, I just graduated, no way, I want to find a network promotion work but no case, others will not accept a what all don’t understand new reality ah ah. So because the reality of the helpless must make a case. I also found some website as one of the top ten in the "Nanning Shanghai dragon" rarely updated website snapshot can not keep up, the key competition, still has hope, to know the search engine is love love, you don’t have to keep up with the renewal of others.

January 2011 25 is a memorable day, especially for me a Shanghai Longfeng novice to nearly three months, finally saw a good result. The main keywords "that is my site in Nanning Shanghai dragon" has been the rise of love first in Shanghai, following with you about this blog is how rushed to the first station.

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