Should do a reverse link to competitors

two, the chain strategy analysis


analysis of a competitor’s site today, 2 words I do (2 words of love Shanghai index 1 900+, 1 600+) in this website Haidu ranked first, from the angle of reverse connection, this site is analyzed, the harvest is very large, learned a lot of knowledge. Connect to a new understanding of a website to do the reverse. (taking into account the stationmaster I do not know, the website here is not published).

2, the webmaster full attention to the breadth of the chain. The domain name from about more than 300 names, which for a small website and grassroots webmaster, is also quite easy. The chain from blogs, forums, quizzes, etc. Post Bar platform, web directory. From different domain name suffix. The chain is the main source of relevant website, a few from not related sites.

site YAHOO reverse connect 904 love Shanghai reverse connection 1010. Reverse connect query, connect the 30+ connection from the home, about 300+, love Shanghai know 30+, 20+ SOSO 50+ to ask the question and answer, ask, Sina 5, YAHOO knowledge hall 3, SOHU Quiz 1, Prynne aware of 2, sinawd5. The chain from our blog known as the blog platform: Sina, SOHU, NetEase, Shanghai love space, Ruili, Tianya, bokee贵族宝贝, Hexun, CICC, East Fortune, china贵族宝贝, SouFun, watercress, bokee, blogbus, Alibaba, there are about more than 100 connections. Forum about chain from 100+ forum, including major portals forum and domestic famous webmaster forum. Friendship connection platform outside the chain of about more than 60. Site directory from 10+ about chain website directory. Love Shanghai library chain 7. Love Shanghai Post Bar chain about 20+. In the webmaster submission A5 forums, reprint articles about dozens of articles. The use of video website chain 2. It is difficult to identify the source of the chain has a lot, open the connection is Google’s search results. There are about more than 50 pornographic websites from. Open the connection with 30+. The anchor text distribution about 70% of is the primary key, secondary key 30% for. Stay connected with the basic web site is left home.

reverse connectionThe

1, the head of the chain is Links (from the home page link is Links change), knowledge interlocution platform, blog, forum, friendship connection platform and related products, such as soft, love Shanghai.

The main

, a basic

3, owners have a strong executive power. From the chain blog, webmaster should have about more than 20 blog, updated weekly, which is not easy. Quiz platform chain do it is very not easy, from the start, to account the hair of the chain is also a hard work. The chain to the more than 100 forum is hard ah, or use a very long time.

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