Outside the station flow and the chain effect factors of love Shanghai ranking



There are two main chain of The rise and fall of the

blog the chain in the chain has been in a relatively awkward position. First of all, can not be denied a high quality blog site for no ground for blame. However, a >


social label is said to be a typical representative of the chain. The purpose of optimizing it is no longer confined to the site, more important is to establish the brand image of the company on the internet. Now the most popular social tagging is the main search Wikipedia, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love. This chain is not only conducive to the establishment of the corporate image can provide a powerful chain for the website.

traffic is at present all kinds of search engines is one of the most important indexes. Including all kinds of third party platform, such as the owners of the home, love station network traffic is one of the important reference data they judge the website BR. A web traffic directly determines whether the site is the zombie website, whether the site can bring customers a good user experience. So the search engine from generation to now, the importance of flow for the site has never changed. Then a web traffic and come from? Including the promotion and the chain under the line.



enterprises in the same industry chain that we often say Links. This chain is using the web page link. This is different from other important places of the chain. It is because the chain home page weight, so this kind of chain to a website can also bring the chain than other relatively better.

forum outside the chain also marks the Shanghai dragon work direction. From the beginning to appear in Scindapsus algorithm, Shanghai dragon also began by grey countless to standardization, standardization. The high evaluation before being given to the forum outside the chain, a lot of Shanghai dragon Er is willing to spend a lot of time to go out of order of the forum to send some outside chain. A domain name of the ocean where he. Since Scindapsus algorithm came out, the forum outside the chain has basically been yigunzidasi. Love Shanghai clear forum signature will be regarded as the chain of garbage treatment, please note that here is the garbage outside the chain, the chain is not cheating. There is individual links with the forum basic also already comes with the nofollow tag, so this kind of chain has been in limbo.

: right and drainage. According to it on the site can be divided into many different types, which are enterprises in the same industry chain, social tagging, the forum outside the chain, the chain, the chain blog directory and portal chain etc..

in the "web site optimization: the station inventory" factors affecting search engine ranking introduces those affecting search engine ranking site factors, today I will focus on introduction of external factors on website in station search engine ranking. Different from the station outside the station, mainly includes two aspects: the flow and the chain.

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