Shanghai dragon how to integrate into the construction site in the link

The relationship between

website editor just used acquisition part of the article, copy and paste the article to put together, as the Shanghai dragon, you want to tell them, search engines love the original article, and you should tell them: the best website content is the same, the effect of sprocket at the very least, it extends the search engine to crawl thus, the increase included, have a positive impact to the site optimization.

4 and the Shanghai dragon website editor

            former network companies pay more attention to the realization of the appearance and function of the website, but the website optimization is accompanied by an increase in demand, the site is no longer just as to display the image of the role, but more users and exchange platform, because most of the time, the users of such sites are your potential customers profit, how to deal with them directly determines your customers or not, so the website optimization is a new issue to be raised, so as Qingdao Shanghai dragon, what are you supposed to be the same as the previous colleagues to deal with as soon as possible into the construction site in the link?

programmer has been the site of that website each function fully all cannot do without them, but now you have the same programmer that can be streamlined under the code, can make timely adjustments to the latest news, you can change the language, you want to tell them, in the face of not program only users, more search engines, you want something new to feed him in time, he can often visit your website, this website can realize the whole optimization.

2 and Shanghai Dragon Art

1 Shanghai dragon with customers

3 and Shanghai dragon programmerThe

> The relationship between

The relationship between

"customer centered" law in the construction site may have to be broken, because many customers do not understand the basic knowledge of Shanghai dragon, they in the formulation of keywords and description are by virtue of their subjective feelings, and this knowledge and the reality of the Shanghai dragon is sometimes departure, so how to effectively communicate with the customer is Shanghai dragon the most basic questions to tell the customer site, the most basic function is to the user experience, the user experience of the website not everything is out of the question, seize the pulse of the search engine fundamentally, you must handle the relationship with customers, the most important thing is to let customers trust your technology.

in the past, plays an important role in the construction site is the art of adults, because many customers request to the website is only in so network, good to hear or see, heavy art is particularly serious, but today is different, not just rely on the website to attract visitors outside, but also to have their own rich people to attract traffic, which is the core task of Shanghai dragon — the chain, you need to tell the art of adults, please don’t add too much JS code, do not put too much information into pictures, because he could not see the search engine.

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