The site is down right and be K are actually playing the game search engine warning

2, to re submit your website, modify title and keywords website before submitting your website, webmaster should pay attention to, the site was K after modification of the title and closing >

is not concerned with little warning to you play games, search engine game plot

collection site is down right, the search engine game

storm from June K station to now, countless websites included has plummeted, many website ranking is reduced, and most of this kind of website is not pass the contents of the website, for this type of search engine website found that the site has value but the value is not high, the search engine is to take down the right method to warn these sites to the content of the website value, search engine to play the game and not warning, said to the site put to death, but the webmaster if you do not pay attention to the content of the website, will enter the search engine to a warning game, that is the site K off.

site is the occurrence of a K, from June to now, the site has been K seems to have become the love of Shanghai search engine homely food, in the face of this situation, many owners also chose to accept from the beginning to the present against the silence, love Shanghai search engine in the new K site also constantly released by the website of K, the webmaster may wish to change a point of view site is down right and be K, in fact it is only a love Shanghai search engine play warning game.


site is down right or be K, but this does not matter, this is just a part of the story of the game, if we can turn things around in time on the verge of failure of the ability, then I think it can go through this story of difficulties, so we are in disadvantageous position in the website to think how to resist the search engine through the site itself to improve the quality of the pressure, and this involves the key to restore the site:


, 1 acquisition methods to use less, a common site every day of the original article acquisition number not more than 2/3, that is to say a web site updated daily five article to ensure that at least three of this article is the original article.

is part of the webmaster do not care about the search engine of the game, a one-sided view to update the site every day as long as is to restore the rankings, in fact, this idea is wrong, only pay attention to the update of the website set up and do not pay attention to the quality of the update, to give up on the web crawl so that a search engine will gradually, for a long time. No web search engines crawl, included the number decreased, until the site was completely abandon the search engine, but this time the search engine is to play the game plot on the site, we all know that a story in the game all the time in the game player is very difficult, little attention will fail, but the search engine is also this method is taken, if the game player does not pay attention to the site was K after recovery, then the site will be completely by K.

want to through the plot of the game, but also the need to strengthen and improve the quality of the webmaster website

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