The chain in Shanghai Longfeng optimization less weight and more ranking

2, to attack competitors website.

search engine ranking, the chain is only one of the factors. Because the standard is unified. So when the search engine only rely on this point to judge a website is not scientific. Shanghai Longfeng know the practice of the chain such that some search engines, this time from the chain this element is difficult to distinguish which website.


search engine to find the information users is the key. In a lot of using search engines to find information, as long as the website allows users to experience the best of Shanghai dragon optimization ranking in front, will otherwise lose users, users get search engine will not play anymore. But the user experience good site outside the chain is not necessarily the best, assume that a user experience the best website, because competitors mass waste outside the chain, and be search engine punishment, in the search engine to find time to this site, serious damage the website of the corresponding user, if such a situation throughout the show, then the search engine will not play anymore.

let’s say second is not reasonable, and the need of high skill, rarely do people, for third points, so spread information to cover people rarely affect the scale is very small, but the first point is the most simple to do, just know a little Shanghai dragon skills people know how to use the group this software, and there is no rule of law, but also to the competitors waste outside the chain, is simple to be search engine as punishment for cheating, the most simple intention.

love with Shanghai search engine algorithm step by step upgrade, now the chain in Shanghai dragon weights optimization ranking accounted for much of the Guizhou high? Once the chain that the network will be in the future to weaken, with the following reasons:

chain in Shanghai Longfeng optimization ranking of the weight of more and less, Guizhou high was that the webmaster want to do website optimization to provide more high-quality content search engine. Better user experience. Only to meet certain needs of users.

for four reasons: the demand and user experience is the optimization principle. Some people try to add mass software, come to search engine spamming. I assume that the website user experience is not good, Shanghai dragon is not good ranking optimization, and then find a group of software consulting. Buy software group, perhaps in a few years ago it was feasible, but now with the love Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated, this approach is not feasible.

Three reasons: the

3, on the network spread negative information of competitors.

two reasons: Shanghai dragon to the final competition will cause some present moral problems. When the Shanghai dragon skills has throughout more than 70% people all know when, in order to improve the competitiveness of a very difficult, this will be a very simple decline in competitive rivals approach:

One reason: the influence factors of

1, to rival the group chain.

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