The clever use of love Shanghai drainage method

5, the following questions can put 2, 3 words in a title, ask when there is a supplementary question, also want to write, the equivalent of description. A general account to ask the 2 question, then I would change my account


, 6 for IP, answer when I will get ready to answer the special account, one is to answer the 2 question, this time with no link. But in order to do natural, but also to answer questions


is the beginning of July 11th extended the website in Shanghai is very fast, effective. Because there is no ranking, or new sites, so the page background all is love Shanghai know

We all know that

on a map, the site built 10 days before, did little traffic is a railway station [Taobao]. The chain didn’t do, will update the

but some ranking is good, a little hot words have been reported, but · · · here despising this behavior, we are mixed to eat, have the ability to line up with the strength of




3, prepared for key words, I have been using the selected keywords love Shanghai. Choose the keywords to choose some brick rate words such as XX, what brand of good things, and don’t underestimate the word index is low. The long tail know, do more, the flow is big. But the words do not low competition, the competition is not too small, will be reported to

4, 360 with no trace of the browser, because search engines will look at the cache and cookies information, so it can prevent the problem by deleting

2, the purchase of VPN, but now Taobao has banned the sale of VPN. I have been using 91vpn, because the number of lines, the price is not expensive, 18 yuan a month

some people use ADSL for IP, but it is still not very good, because sometimes the broken link will be the same IP. So it may be deleted

to buy 91vpn, download a client, which has a website address. Recently quite tight, official blocked

love Shanghai know that the weight is very high, generally less popular words, will love Shanghai know at home. So we can use force, love Shanghai weights for our web site traffic

love Shanghai

let me say under the manipulation of it, is a very simple question and answer. But do pay attention to the nature, like a flock of

1, first love Shanghai account, this is I bought in Taobao, 1 cents a registered more than 1 weeks]

I know

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