A major revision introduced # tag mechanism to achieve the accurate classification of search results

since its launch in 2006, has been in all aspects of doing different things, but to give people the feeling is still tepid. The introduction of "> tag

news: # portal | # | # mainstream media newspaper | # foreign media

: # | # tourism travel travel information

Video: # video | # movie download | # Nora

At present, these labels are

: # shopping online purchase price | # | # | #

NetEase today Youdao search had a facelift, the internal codename "Tanggula" version of both the page or function has obvious changes. Just open the page you will find that it has made great adjustment in terms of color and style, one of the most attractive may be the red bar with the mouse.

again, use class # news portal, # mainstream media, # newspaper, # foreign media a few labels such as "Huangyan island" search keywords such events, the results may be different.

search conditions in the input, you will find in the search box will suggest the right part shows the possible results. For example, enter "Beijing weather", that box will show the last two days the weather conditions in Beijing. Then if you enter "the Avengers", in the advice box simple introduction and movie "online watch" button. This feature can let you get the results you want closer, can effectively reduce the number of clicks.

we usually use the search engine results are more complex, such as a search of a movie, may include introduction, watercress or encyclopedia time reviews, forums and other content results in. But in fact you are looking for is not these, don’t even want to know online watch page, just want to find a real can download this movie page. The introduction of the characteristics of the label in Youdao search can solve this problem.

, for example, in the input movie name "Afanda", then enter the "# movie download" tab, click search will be shown above the page. The results show the link in the list are filtered the download page, and on the top of these results, there is a switchable site screening label. Site labels may be more similar to search function, now the site is by artificial selection.

group purchase shopping ask


A search of


by internal staff or related field Master recommendation, the latter will be the launch of the wiki type can edit page, let users search results. At the end of may recommend a few interesting tags, interested friends can try.

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