Mother site soft writing skills you will see it again

must now Baoma group with pictures, more and more young, they used to the fast consumer information model, prefer to browse pictures. If the article was full of large blocks of text, then it is easy to lose their interest in reading the text, appropriate collocation, better able to make the article by reading forward. If you can, according to the best theme with some real photos. For example, a treasure mom medical articles, you can do with physical examination; the baby food supplement, can practice with flow chart; the confinement of articles, but also can be accompanied during the month of life map. I want this picture alive, is essential.

four points: complaints and inclusion is strong personal feelings


is the best in the first person to start writing, first of all in the first person benefits: to personally on the scene feeling, let people read more interested, and the author will have a sense of accomplishment, also easier. The second is the situation is more real, narrowing of author and reader distance. Three let the essay fluent, Weiweidaolai, oral feeling, give a person with a warm, readable. Look, let yourself into treasure mom this big family, imagine you are a dialogue with millions of treasure mom, then you can know treasure the mother’s needs, topics, doubts, this article written more to impress users, resonate.

with the open country two-child policy, the development of maternal and child market increasingly active and the Internet, more and more sites such as maternal and child like bamboo shoots after a spring rain set up. Everyone wants to get good rankings in search engines, to have a good collection, in addition to the site itself in line with the search engine included planning and design requirements, the content of the quality of a ring is indispensable. How will the mother site soft writing to a new height and output quality of the website constantly? Chengdu digital cube small by the mother site articles and Post Bar forum soft writing analysis, we summarize the following experience and help you in writing soft Wen to mother handy, continuous output quality content.

with three points:The


this article.

‘s first person

highlights two points:

usually a lot of collected maternal and child class keywords or long tail words, it is best to treasure the mother often discussed, wrote in the title or description or the first paragraph. To seize the user attention, because they may be directed at the word of your article. Through detailed analysis, found like a successful pregnancy, tubal, ovarian lesions "and" big aunt "this kind of disease with nature or high frequency words the amount of reading is very helpful to improve. Because this is a lot of valuable mothers concerned about things, but also do things that happened to them. We can repeat the key words in the article writing, and around these words to start writing.

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