Discussion how to increase the amount included in the site

had said the new station many times or because the content is too small, continuous updates to search engine on the website of the degree of attention. Love Shanghai, Google, 360, Sogou search engine, all love the original article, especially love quantitative timing publish original articles website. Go every day, not long time, website snapshot, included the amount you will rapidly rising.

search engine submission > active


We know that

production site map

site without static, dynamic URL will lead to too long, dynamic page access speed is too slow and may duplicate page. Can not set the above three kinds of circumstances will cause not easy to search engine crawling crawling and identification problem. Which website in poor condition. It is worth mentioning that, if you use dream weaving system realize the static and pseudo static, page open speed is really fast. It is best to station static, if there is no way to generate static, pseudo static or use.

increased steadily

static URL

External links

search engine for each web spider crawling time is certain, the higher the weight given by crawling the longer. It is very simple, we only need to do two things, a spider crawling efficiency and improve the network in fixed time. Two, improve the network spider crawling time is on the website of the website weight. Specific methods improve the website included a small fox in Shanghai Longfeng are summarized as follows:

increase the chain site, especially the chain with text can effectively improve website weight, and the chain itself is the effective way to attract the spider web site, can start from simple Links, for large and medium-sized site outside the chain, not only in the home chain, also need to do some outside chain for the inside pages. Many of the chain, what submit website directory, forum, blog and B2B, is not listed here.

many friends will encounter sites not included or only included the embarrassing situation, medium and large web pages included if the low rate is also very serious problem. The small fox Shanghai dragon personally take you into how to increase the wise remark of an experienced person, the topic of the web site is included.

high quality original article fixed update

site map in the articles included in the role of very large, it can provide guidance in various parts of the website links to search engine crawlers, effectively reduce the workload of the crawler, which can effectively increase the number of search engines included articles. In the website optimization process of small fox Shanghai dragon, I understand, I create a site map, the small fox Shanghai dragon articles included increased dramatically, but due to technical problems not timely update the site map, the new update of the collected volume is not very high, unless the original high degree of the article, it seems after much update the site map.

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