The use of pseudo static pages generated a large number of repeat included

is not rigorous there are a lot of duplicate page address, in the search engine update link crawling more accuracy, formed a lot of similar pages are not indexed; not indexed page optimization problems in the past included system, as a malicious competitor was an opportunity, internal links can be. Good control links, but may be outside the station by malicious attackers, resulting in a large number of repeat included the same link entrance, so as to reduce the weight to the entire site.

clear logical structure to be read, avoid conflict rules do not affect each other to achieve module; open source CMS personalized custom rewriting format, is conducive to the website and is not easy to exploit scale.

Pseudo static rule

2, unnecessary as much as possible for pseudo static

removes the security hidden danger website optimization is one of the factors of Shanghai dragon must pay attention to

The most effective way to solve this problem is to develop the Third party


1, prepared accurate rewrite rewrite rules

on the site make an unnecessary move rewriting technology parameters simplified

HTML document format to read the search engine, but the definition of pseudo static strictly belong to a link in the transfer period, there is no need to use pseudo static rules of the site is best not to use

to prevent malicious sniffer program scanning, do site protection work; periodic monitoring website external links, to avoid a large number of unknown chain minimize infiltration, provide reasonable use of specific search engine tool chain abandoned garbage page, so as to improve the site overall weight and the formation of comprehensive development. This article source: 贵族宝贝029ew贵族宝贝/News/16.html

Although the

3, the long tail of the link parameters of complex pseudo static classification

pseudo static rules reasonable, so that unnecessary presentation link 404 error page

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