ScanGroup Limited ( 2018 Annual Report

first_imgScanGroup Limited ( listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchange under the Printing & Publishing sector has released it’s 2018 annual report.For more information about ScanGroup Limited ( reports, abridged reports, interim earnings results and earnings presentations, visit the ScanGroup Limited ( company page on AfricanFinancials.Document: ScanGroup Limited (  2018 annual report.Company ProfileWPP-ScanGroup Limited is the largest marketing and communication group in the Africa sub-region with leading advertising agencies and media houses falling under the holding company name. These include Ogilvy & Mather, SCANAD, JWT, BluePrint Marketing, GroupM, MediaCom Africa, Mindshare and MEC. Public relations companies include Ogilvy PR and H+K Strategies; marketing research agencies include Millward Brown; specialty communication agencies include Roundtrip and Geometry Global; digital companies include OgilvyOne, Squad Digital and SCANAD Digital. WPP-Scangroup has expertise in advertising, media investment management, advertising and marketing research, public relations, digital advertising and communications marketing strategy. WPP-ScanGroup has a presence in 25 countries in sub-Sahara Africa and majority-owned offices in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, Rwanda, South Africa, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia. It has minority-owned operations in Burkina Faso, Cameroon, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Namibia, Senegal and Zimbabwe. Scangroup became a subsidiary of WPP in 2013 and the company changed its name to WPP-Scangroup Limited in 2015. WPP-ScanGroup Limited is listed on the Nairobi Securities Exchangelast_img read more

Archbishops suggest ‘open-ended engagement’ with breakaways

first_imgArchbishops suggest ‘open-ended engagement’ with breakaways By ENS staffPosted Jan 20, 2012 Tom Rightmyer says: [Episcopal News Service] Archbishops Rowan Williams of Canterbury and John Sentamu of York have suggested that the Church of England and the Anglican Communion ought to be in “an open-ended engagement” with the Anglican Church in North America.The organization is made up of individuals and groups that have left the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada, as well as those that have never been members of those two provinces. It includes entities such as the Reformed Episcopal Church, formed in 1873, and the Anglican Mission in the Americas, founded by Rwandan Archbishop Emmanuel Kolini and Moses Tay, the now-retired primate of the province of South East Asia, in 2000.Williams and Sentamu made their remarks in a report to the Feb. 6-9 sessions of the Church of England’s General Synod.The report comes in response to a resolution the synod passed two years ago in which the Church of England recognized and affirmed ACNA’s desire “to remain in the Anglican family,” but said it was not yet ready to be in full communion with the breakaway entity.The archbishops said that theirs was “a report on work in progress since the consequences of the establishment of ACNA some two and a half years ago are still emerging and on a number of issues any assessment at this stage must necessarily be tentative.” They offer some details on three issues: the range of possible relationships between other Christian churches and the Church of England, how a “particular local Church” can be accepted as part of the Anglican Communion, and under what circumstances the orders of another church might be recognized and accepted by the Church of England.They noted that General Synod determines the nature of its relationship with other Christian churches and that the Anglican Consultative Council‘s constitution allows for new members by decision of the Standing Committee of the Communion and with the assent of two-third of the primates of the Churches already listed in the constitution. And, they said, people ordained in churches that accept the historical episcopate may be received into the Church of England and be authorized to minister.The February 2010 resolution referred to “the distress caused by recent divisions within the Anglican churches of the United States of America and Canada,” and the archbishops said that that distress will continue “for some considerable time.” The divisions occurred over the decisions of the Episcopal Church and the Anglican Church of Canada related to full inclusion of LGBT (lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender) people in the life of the church, the ordination of women and the authority of scripture.“Wounds are still fresh,” Sentamu and Williams write. “Those who follow developments in North America from some distance have a responsibility not to say or do anything which will inflame an already difficult situation and make it harder for those directly involved to manage the various challenges with which they are still grappling.”Thus, they said, the outcome of the open-ended engagement that they suggest “is unlikely to be clear for some time yet, especially given the strong feelings on all sides of the debate in North America.”The two men stressed that the Church of England “remains fully committed to the Anglican Communion and to being in communion both with the Anglican Church of Canada and the Episcopal Church.” January 20, 2012 at 4:27 pm This is nonsense. Suppose a group broke away from the Episcopal church because it has black priests and black bishops on the ground that scripture clearly (to them) says that black people should be subservient to white people. Shouldn’t we call this bigotry as it clearly is? Then what is the difference. Clearly in the 21st century it is bigotry wrapped in scripture to deny woman and gay people the right to be priests and bishops and to live in faithful relationships. Why do we want or need open-ended engagement with such bigoted people. I say let us terminate our relationship with the Anglican Communion which is headed by the most spinless creatures since the evolution of the jellyfish. Assistant/Associate Priest Scottsdale, AZ January 20, 2012 at 4:56 pm I don’t have a problem with Canterbury recognizing these break away groups, as long as, they make it clear that The Episcopal Church IS THE ANGLICAN CHURCH recognized FULLY by Canterbury. These other groups can be recognized but should only have visitor status BUT NO Voice or Vote at Lambeth or at the PRIMATES Meetings. They have walked away from the ANGLICAN CHURCH/EPISCOPAL CHURCH. If they want to join us fine, but don’t give DIVISIVENESS a VOICE or VOTE. Virtual Episcopal Latino Ministry Competency Course Online Course Aug. 9-13 Course Director Jerusalem, Israel January 20, 2012 at 9:56 pm Great to read all the “they’re obviously bigots but we’ll be magnanimous and love ’em anyway” posts. And you STILL wonder why traditionalists walked away? But it’s even better to see how much this report seems to have rattled the Episcopalians. Tags January 24, 2012 at 12:21 pm As far as I am concerned the ACNA is a man-made institution not truly based on Christian teaching, interpreting the Gospel as they choose. Ever since the church was formed man has imposed its principles of discipline regarding Christian teaching and Christian ethics. This institution does not welcome openness of Christ’s love but dictates how his love should be shared with others. I often wonder when they get to the passage where Jesus tells his disciples/followers to leave what they are doing and follow him if they include unless, of course, if you are blind in one eye, deaf in one ear, walk with a limp or are gay, turn and go the other way. Jesus accepts all who wish to follow him, not just particular folks as the does the ACNA. Their followers have to meet their criteria and not Jesus’. It’s going to take more then an open-ended engagement to deal with this bunch of blasphemous people. They are not true children of God when they can’t accept all of God’s children with love and understanding and take it into their hands to determine how a child of God should conduct himself. Until the members of the ACNA allow all people to live their lives fully as God as intended there’s not much point to an open ended discussion. Submit a Press Release Fr Don Heacox says: Celinda Scott says: John W Ward says: Annie Boardman says: Celinda Scott says: Jim Stockton says: January 22, 2012 at 1:42 am Correction above: meant to say (about the bishops who affirmed the creeds when they voted against the consecration of a bishop who did not) that I appreciated their witness to those who don’t, and their encouragement of those who do. January 24, 2012 at 12:48 am I don’t know how someone can say someone else follows the “idea” of Christ instead of the “reality” of Christ. Was hoping this would be a constructive blog, and there have been some constructive comments–but just a few people insulting the church to which I belong, and the people of deep faith who follow Christ and lead other people to him (that doesn’t mean I don’t disagree with some of the leadership), makes me not want to be a part of it. It’s like the other blogs I used to enjoy but have now dropped. TryTank Experimental Lab and York St. John University of England Launch Survey to Study the Impact of Covid-19 on the Episcopal Church TryTank Experimental Lab Rector Washington, DC Rector/Priest in Charge (PT) Lisbon, ME Michael Neal says: January 22, 2012 at 1:39 am Not sure who you’re referring to, Fr. Morrissey, about the vitriol. There’s quite a range of opinion expressed in the all the comments above, some of which appears vitriolic to me, and some which does not. I agree with you about Borg, dropping the creeds, etc. and I’m somewhat angry about it, and say what I think when given the opportunity–but I’m not so angry about it that I want to leave. One thing one can do is quote other scholars. Also– I respect those who differ from me in our diocese and appreciate their respect for those who differ from them. — What puzzles me is why we don’t rejoice when bishops do affirm the creeds (as did the ones I was talking about above), hoping their voices will encourage those who don’t. –I belong to a parish with an orthodox rector, and a congregation which is part liberal and part orthodox. We have excellent Bible study and adult study groups. Another parish has presented a series of Bible teachings by an orthodox/evangelical who just got his doctorate as he reached retirement age. Fortunately, he’s not retiring from teaching. Associate Priest for Pastoral Care New York, NY Jose Landaverde says: January 22, 2012 at 11:21 pm I firmly believe Christ is purging HIS church. This is exactly what happens when you abandon ABOSLUTE TRUTH for liberal theology. You can spin it all you want but look at the numbers, TEC is loosing, ACNA gaining, why? People want “TRUTH”. I have brothers and sisters on both sides ,and it is sad, but you can not abandon the truth of the SCRIPTURE for what the world “thinks” is “right” or “ok” or “accepted”. To GOD be the glory. Ya no son extranjeros: Un diálogo acerca de inmigración Una conversación de Zoom June 22 @ 7 p.m. ET Seminary of the Southwest announces appointment of two new full time faculty members Seminary of the Southwest Celinda Scott says: Rector Knoxville, TN Rector Belleville, IL Rector Tampa, FL Judith Wood says: David L. Greene says: Bishop Diocesan Springfield, IL The Church Pension Fund Invests $20 Million in Impact Investment Fund Designed to Preserve Workforce Housing Communities Nationwide Church Pension Group AddThis Sharing ButtonsShare to PrintFriendlyPrintFriendlyShare to FacebookFacebookShare to TwitterTwitterShare to EmailEmailShare to MoreAddThis January 21, 2012 at 9:47 am Jim Stockton, you say: “Failing to admit that people have substantial differences of opinion that make functional and regular common witness impossible is condescending to those whose opinions differ from our own.”It’s so good to see someone agree that the differences of opinion really DO split the church! So much of the official leadership talks about the communion welcoming everyone, no matter what.Kind of like 2 people living in NYC but on totally skewed lines: one’s a Yankees fan, the other goes for the Mets. Both baseball teams, but incompatible rivals. Canon for Family Ministry Jackson, MS Family Ministry Coordinator Baton Rouge, LA Inaugural Diocesan Feast Day Celebrating Juneteenth San Francisco, CA (and livestream) June 19 @ 2 p.m. PT Shirley E. Viall says: Joseph Frary says: Donald Frye says: Comments (27) Priest-in-Charge Lebanon, OH Celinda Scott says: January 23, 2012 at 7:02 am It wasn’t too many years ago that the “dissidents” were dismissed by Episcopal officials at the top of being “just a few who don’t want to be with us.”My, my – all of the energy spent on something so insignificant! Or, perhaps it isn’t after all. Our leadership’s dismissive tone of conservative concerns for heterodoxy and indiscriminate inclusion of any and all things has lead us to today’s crisis.One would think that we should wonder why we as a Church tolerate lawsuits worth millions and yet our own 20/20 Vision was passed and then unfunded and de-prioritized by the Executive Council. Millions to lawyers and yet at the same time our evangelism and youth departments at 815 were all but closed. OK, let the “few” go their way – and let’s try not to show our ignorance about it as they leave. Right now we should be grieving that we are rent asunder. We have a major clean-up of image and priorities for what is left in the Episcopal Church. When a lesbian priest can preach at the National Cathedral about the new bishop being “kick ass” and the same bishop recognize Jesus as one of many spiritual masters, we HAVE a problem! We are now numbering below 2 million with MAYBE 600,000 bothering to darken our doors. Looks like there’s more than a “few of US who don’t want to be with us” and it’s time to focus in-House. And let’s not forget that the next General Convention will be determined to drive yet another wedge into the patience of the ever-shrinking numbers that we have left. There’s not but so much more that the average person in the pew will keep watching before they make us even fewer. Associate Rector for Family Ministries Anchorage, AK January 23, 2012 at 2:32 pm People’s intellects cannot reconcile the contradictions in life. Follow Jesus, keep your eyes on Jesus, and He will help you to hold the contradictions in a redeeming, holy, instructive relationship. If you keep your eyes on all the political/intellectual contradictions, if you focus on the “idea” of Christ rather than the reality of Christ, then you will wind up in one of the hells of intellectual/theological polarization which abound in today’s Episcopal Church and in all other churches. “I am the way, the truth, and the life,” said Jesus. Follow him! Jesus is Lord! Jesus brings all the divergent realities, personalities, and opinions into a relationship called “the Church.” If your priest does not assert that Jesus is Lord, find another Episcopal Church where Jesus IS Lord! Assistant/Associate Rector Washington, DC Jim Stockton says: Press Release Service Anglican Communion Bruce Bogin says: Featured Events Clark Myers says: Comments are closed.center_img January 20, 2012 at 6:27 pm Whenever the question comes up about The Episcopal Church being asked to leave the Communion, I always ask myself this question, “How will being kicked out of the Communion affect the Episcopalian in the pew and their ability to worship Christ in God in their church?” The way I answer it has always been the same. It will have no effect. Rector Bath, NC The Reverend John Hartman says: Featured Jobs & Calls January 20, 2012 at 6:59 pm Loving enemies and forgiving people who have wronged us or with whose bigotry we disagree doesn’t equate to pretending that the differences that make us enemies to them and that instigated the wrong-doing don’t exist. That’s not forgiveness or love, that’s self-serving delusion. Failing to admit that people have substantial differences of opinion that make functional and regular common witness impossible is condescending to those whose opinions differ from our own. They have the right to disagree with us, even when they are demonstrably wrong. And they deserve to the have us acknowledge their differences with us rather than have us paternalistically pretend that their opinions are insignificant. Rector Shreveport, LA January 25, 2012 at 2:43 pm Mr. Bogin is entirely correct, and Mr. Stockton is totally wrong. It is not a mere “difference of opinion”; that is what the Episcopal Church used as its excuse for not taking a stand against slavery before the Civil War. For the Archbishops of Canterbury and York to issue such a statement is a case of institutional expediency taking precedence over moralty. It is a shocking confusion of values by the two leaders of the Church of England. What makes it even worse is that they surely know better. Virtual Celebration of the Jerusalem Princess Basma Center Zoom Conversation June 19 @ 12 p.m. ET January 20, 2012 at 5:42 pm It grieves my heart that the members of a.c.n.a. abdicated their ability to have a powerful voice at the table by walking away. Theologicly I agree with the “old timers” but I have to agree with Donald Frye Join the Episcopal Diocese of Texas in Celebrating the Pauli Murray Feast Online Worship Service June 27 The Church Investment Group Commends the Taskforce on the Theology of Money on its report, The Theology of Money and Investing as Doing Theology Church Investment Group This Summer’s Anti-Racism Training Online Course (Diocese of New Jersey) June 18-July 16 Rector Collierville, TN Doug Desper says: Missioner for Disaster Resilience Sacramento, CA Remember Holy Land Christians on Jerusalem Sunday, June 20 American Friends of the Episcopal Diocese of Jerusalem Episcopal Church releases new prayer book translations into Spanish and French, solicits feedback Episcopal Church Office of Public Affairs January 21, 2012 at 6:20 pm Another comment, this time on the principle cause of the split: I believe the Bible is the Word of God. However, I do not believe that disagreeing with certain passages in St. Paul and the OT make one a disbeliever in the Bible and the authority of scripture. For instance, when I quoted two bishops of TEC who were liberal on the sexual issues, but quite conservative on the Christological issues and voted against allowing the election of a candidate for bishop whose record and writings showed a much more Unitarian idea of Christ than what is presented in the creeds, I was told that those bishops’ liberal views on the sexual issues made their views on any other issues immaterial. This made me realize that there is really only one issue for those who have left, and it’s the sexual one. That attitude shows me that the Christological issues are either dependent on the sexual issues for them, or that they don’t really care about the Christological issues. Either attitude makes me–for one–not want them to have voice and vote. However, when they don’t tie the sexual issues and Christological issues together (that’s what caused them to leave the church), they are quite eloquent on the Christological issues. That’s why I would like to see them as visitors in the Anglican Communion. In-person Retreat: Thanksgiving Trinity Retreat Center (West Cornwall, CT) Nov. 24-28 Curate (Associate & Priest-in-Charge) Traverse City, MI January 20, 2012 at 6:19 pm Why do we want or need open-engagement — ? Because if we follow Jesusl we are in the business of forgiveness. Confronting, always in love, allows the Holy Spirit to bring about healing and restoration in situations where human thought and wisdom fails. We are to be people who demonstratively love our enemies. That is a hurdle that most of us have difficulty getting over. Episcopal Migration Ministries’ Virtual Prayer Vigil for World Refugee Day Facebook Live Prayer Vigil June 20 @ 7 p.m. ET Rector Albany, NY An Evening with Aliya Cycon Playing the Oud Lancaster, PA (and streaming online) July 3 @ 7 p.m. ET Submit a Job Listing Cathedral Dean Boise, ID Sam Cuthbert says: Celinda Scott says: Rector Martinsville, VA Rector Smithfield, NC Joseph Frary says: Curate Diocese of Nebraska Episcopal Charities of the Diocese of New York Hires Reverend Kevin W. VanHook, II as Executive Director Episcopal Charities of the Diocese of New York Director of Administration & Finance Atlanta, GA Rector Hopkinsville, KY January 25, 2012 at 8:59 pm As I mentioned in my last comment: Canterbury does have the right to invite toi Lambeth. And the next Lambeth (under ++Rowan’s successor) may well invite a couple of people form ACNA after teh example of inviting some Inglesia Filipino Indpendiente bishops or perhaps the Porvoo bishops. Also, the decision only affects the Church of England and the Nigerian, Sudanese, and perhaps Kenyan provinces have already establised full commiunion with ACNA An Evening with Presiding Bishop Curry and Iconographer Kelly Latimore Episcopal Migration Ministries via Zoom June 23 @ 6 p.m. ET Director of Music Morristown, NJ Rector (FT or PT) Indian River, MI January 21, 2012 at 10:54 pm Re Lionel Deimel’s comment that this shows the low esteem that AbpofC holds the Episcopal Church. I don’t read that way. I don’t understand it. I think it is just more of the same kicking the can down the road. There is dissention in the “Orthodox” Anglican world as the dust up between the AMiA and Rwanda has shown. The more “orthodox” of the “orthodox” seem to side with Rwanda and that includes ++Duncan of the ACNA. I think the issue is ecclessiology. If one has a high sense of ecclessiology, one tries to work within the “church” he or she values. If one has a low sense of ecclessiology one can shop for a “church” that is congenial. January 20, 2012 at 7:05 pm It’s important to remember that ‘Canterbury’ no longer determines membership in the Anglican Communion. The ABC doesn’t have authority even in his own Church of England to create a formal relationship between the CofE and some other church or fellowship; that happens through meetings of synods Much less does the ABC have authority to declare any such relationships on behalf of the entire Anglican Communion. Admissions to the AC are determined by the Anglican Consultative Council. Despite implication or inferences to the contrary, the ABC has absolutely no ex cathedra authority whatsoever. The ABC can and does write what he wishes. His preferences, however, are not determinative. Thanks be to God. January 20, 2012 at 9:08 pm First, a correction: ACNA no longer includes AMiA. AMiA has most recently been a “mission partner” of ACNA, but, given the recent squabble with Rwanda, even this relationship seems to be in trouble.As for the paper by the Archbishops of Canterbury and York, it is yet another example of the low esteem in which Rowan holds The Episcopal Church. ACNA threatens to become either a replacement province in the Anglican Communion or a hostile parallel province in the Communion, and the English archbishops seem to have no interest in defending the fellowship against such disastrous innovations.I think the experience of the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh and of some of its parishes has been instructive. Although the departure of the Duncanites—they have been called Angrycans as well—has left us with reduced resources, it has also lifted a great burden from our shoulders and freed us—mostly, anyway—to get about the business of living into and spreading the Gospel. I suspect that disengaging from the Anglican Communion would have an analogous effect on The Episcopal Church as a whole.As I suggested in a comment on Thinking Anglicans, it may be time to split the current Anglican Communion into it component parts: liberal, conservative, and—this would include The Church of England—clueless. January 21, 2012 at 7:43 pm A number of the GAFCON bishops of Anglican churches in parts of Africa and other places recognize the ACNA. Several Anglican churches have broken communion with the Episcopal Church. I don’t know whether these churches have formal intercommunion relationships with the ACNA.As a member of the 2000-2003 dialogue between the Episcopal Church and the Reformed Episcopal Church and the Anglican Province in America (which includes many members and parshes of the former American Episcopal Church), now suspended, I would encourage informal communication between Episcopal and ACNA lay people, clergy, parishes, and judicatories. Both the Episcopal Church and the Reformed Episcopal Church suffered when we basically ignored one another. Isolation breeds bad feeling.The Episcopal Church dialogues with the ELCA and with the Moravian Church have led to agreements of full communion. Dialogues continue with the Orthodox churches, with the Roman Catholic Church, with the United Methodist Church, and with other churches in the Church of Christ Uniting. I look forward to formal dialogues on many levels with the ACNA, the AMIA missionary society, and with others who “profess and call themselves” Anglicans. New Berrigan Book With Episcopal Roots Cascade Books Priest Associate or Director of Adult Ministries Greenville, SC Lionel Deimel says: Christopher Johnson says: Submit an Event Listing The Rev. John Crist says: Rector Pittsburgh, PA Associate Rector Columbus, GA Youth Minister Lorton, VA January 29, 2012 at 4:03 pm The point would be mute if TEC and ACC were each to admit their defiance of scripture and the great harm they have done to the Anglican Communion. Don’t misunderstand me, the separatist are not without fault.The whole mess arose over the desire to give LGBT persons full inclusion in church life. Well they were never excluded; only their actions were excluded. I am a cradle Episcopalian and was raised to “hate the sin not the sinner.” We all have a duty to point out when our brother/sister has sinned and pray for/with them of guidance back to the path of righteousness. The TEC (of which I am still a member) has strayed dangerously close to heresy with the ordination of practicing homosexuals. The Anglican Church of Canada has jumped right over the cliff with the blessings (in some dioceses) of same sex mirages.The Anglican Communion asked for an apology for the actions which had strained the ties that bind the communion. Instead the TEC arrogantly apologized not for the actions but for the offence others took at those actions.I remain in TEC and work for reform and a return to orthodoxy. My argument with the splinter groups is that they have left me and a few others to wage this fight alone. They have abandoned me and the rest of the church to sin and not sought to help return us to the path of righteousness. I number them among the pharisees and myself among the Samaritans.If the conservative who have left the church since 1979 would only return to TEC and work with the moderates like myself (who since the conservative splinters now find ourselves on the right instead of the middle) we would have the votes in General convention to elect a moderate or conservative Presiding Bishop and enact moderate and/or conservative cannons. It was Conservative division that led to the defeats of Bishop Stough instead of Bishop Browning and Bishop Parsley instead of Bishop Jefferts Schori.Pax Assistant/Associate Rector Morristown, NJ January 21, 2012 at 6:06 pm I agree with Donald Frye and John Ward: recognize those who left as visitors in the communion recognized by the ABC, but without voice or vote. I don’t agree with Jim Stockton’s assessment of the ABC–it’s a reminder of how painful our division is. I also don’t agree with Lionel, and hope he doesn’t mean what he says above. He and I started a petition in our diocese in 2003, he as a “liberal” and I as a “conservative.” People who believed that the differences on the gay issue were not a good enough reason to split our diocese were invited to sign. Liberals and conservatives who signed respected each other, despite their differences, and wanted to stay together. That is still my hope for this diocese, and I hope it still is for Lionel. It is also my hope for TEC. Please don’t let’s try to drive each other out, and please let’s respect the ABC and his continued attempt to find a way for that to happen in the communion as a whole. The communion as a whole is different from TEC, in that not all the splitting groups have declared themselves out of the communion as a whole, as they did with TEC. However, I have to agree that to give them voice and vote would be going too far and make it very difficult for TEC to stay in. There has been too much hurt. January 23, 2012 at 8:34 am Canterbury does, however, have the right to invite whom he chooses to Lambeth Conferences January 27, 2012 at 11:20 am I heartily agree with Peggy Kay! Those who wish to leave the Episcopal Church should do so. But they should stop trying to take property and endowments that belong to the Episcopal Church. We are in dialog with a lot of Christian and non-Christian bodies–and that type of dialog is healthy. But a key element of such dialog is a recognition that we don’t agree about everything. January 21, 2012 at 1:40 am Peggy, maybe you did not have commitment with the Church, you were looking for spiritual comfort only for you. Rector and Chaplain Eugene, ORlast_img read more

Cvetkova Apartments / Andrej Kalamar

first_imgCopyApartments•Murska Sobota, Slovenia Save this picture!© Miran Kambič+ 36 Share Cvetkova Apartments / Andrej KalamarSave this projectSaveCvetkova Apartments / Andrej Kalamar 2008 “COPY” Apartments Projects Photographs Area:  6370 m² Year Completion year of this architecture project ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOr Clipboard Architects: Andrej Kalamar Area Area of this architecture project ArchDaily Year:  Photographs:  Miran KambičText description provided by the architects. Apartment buildings are located in a redeveloped downtown area that has recently been converted from derelict industrial to public and residential use. Despite its central position in the city, the site is removed from main roads and downtown bustle. Next to the new music school on the north of the city block, three apartment buildings rise from a green surface. Save this picture!© Miran KambičRecommended ProductsFiber Cements / CementsRieder GroupFacade Panels – concrete skinEnclosures / Double Skin FacadesIsland Exterior FabricatorsCurtain Wall Facade SystemsFiber Cements / CementsSwisspearlSwisspearl Largo Fiber Cement PanelsFiber Cements / CementsDuctal®Ductal® Cladding Panels (EU)Their positions reflect the heterogeneous surroundings; variety of directions influences the varying orientations of the volumes. As there are no parallel facades, each apartment can establish an individual character without obstruction. Lower floors comprise four apartments each, top floor is divided into three apartment units, all with flexible floor plans. As a result, long facade surfaces ensure each apartment abundant natural light. The smooth facades with enclosed loggias enfold the volumes into a shimmering ceramic coat, varying in colour tone and reflectivity. Save this picture!© Miran KambičTransparent fence around the complex prevents exclusion from surrounding city life while allowing unsupervised children’s play. Gently sloped green areas provide various opportunities for that, and a small playground for the youngest children is located in the eastern corner of the site. Save this picture!© Miran KambičParking and storage spaces are arranged below ground, serving as a base for all three volumes. Special attention was accorded to energy use of the complex. Each building has a separate boiler room, cooling is arranged individually, the compact facade and energy supply scheme both stimulate economical consumption and thus reduced energy use.Save this picture!Project gallerySee allShow lessMore on Phase Two / Field Operations + DS+RArticlesIvy Building / GENETOArticlesProject locationAddress:Murska Sobota, SloveniaLocation to be used only as a reference. It could indicate city/country but not exact address. Share ShareFacebookTwitterPinterestWhatsappMailOr Clipboard “COPY” Slovenia Cvetkova Apartments / Andrej Kalamar CopyAbout this officeAndrej KalamarOfficeFollowProductBrick#TagsProjectsBuilt ProjectsSelected ProjectsResidential ArchitectureHousingApartmentsResidentialMurska SobotaSloveniaPublished on June 24, 2010Cite: “Cvetkova Apartments / Andrej Kalamar” 24 Jun 2010. ArchDaily. Accessed 12 Jun 2021. ISSN 0719-8884Read commentsBrowse the CatalogSinkshansgroheBathroom Mixers – Talis SVinyl Walls3MExterior Vinyl Finish – DI-NOC™ Solid ColorPartitionsSkyfoldRetractable Walls – Stepped & Sloped SpacesDining tablesZeitraumWood Table – TautBathroom AccessoriesBradley Corporation USARoll Towel Dispenser – Electronic TouchlessWoodLunawoodThermowood FacadesAluminium CompositesSculptformClick-on Battens in Victoria GardensMetal PanelsLongboard®Metal Ceilings – DauntlessWoodStructureCraftEngineering – Mass TimberPanels / Prefabricated AssembliesULMA Architectural SolutionsPerforated Facade PanelFiber Cements / CementsDuctal®Rainscreen Cladding Panels for Lightweight Facades in Apartment BlockBricksAcme BrickModular Size BrickMore products »Read commentsSave世界上最受欢迎的建筑网站现已推出你的母语版本!想浏览ArchDaily中国吗?是否翻译成中文现有为你所在地区特制的网站?想浏览ArchDaily中国吗?Take me there »✖You’ve started following your first account!Did you know?You’ll now receive updates based on what you follow! Personalize your stream and start following your favorite authors, offices and users.Go to my streamlast_img read more

Former student sentenced to six months in British jail

first_imgFacebook World Oceans Day shines spotlight on marine plastic pollution ReddIt Taylor Boser Majority of faculty votes yes on DEI ballot Twitter Welcome TCU Class of 2025 + posts Twitter Taylor Boser Taylor Boser Linkedin Jeffrey “Tanner” Libby, 21, was sentenced to six months in a British jail / Photo from Metropolitan Police ReddIt Counseling available as TCU mourns a student’s death CASA of Tarrant County advocates for children in foster care Ash Wednesday marks start of Lent I am a senior journalism major from the great city of Chicago. Watching E! News while eating a Chipotle burrito is my favorite pastime. Go Cowboys! Taylor Boser Facebook Linkedin printJeffrey “Tanner” Libby, 21, was sentenced to six months in a British jail / Photo from Metropolitan PoliceA former TCU student is serving six months in a British jail after pleading guilty to three counts of assault occasioning bodily harm and one count of drunkness on an aircraft.Jeffrey “Tanner” Libby, former news and media studies major, was flying on a British Airways flight from London to Dallas Dec. 17, according to Metro, and had received a break up text from his then-girlfriend.On the flight, Libby downed a “litre [sic] of Bacardi”, according to The Daily Mail. After the plane hit turbulence, Libby began to punch and kick the seat in front of him, according to reports. Crew members asked him to calm down, but instead he spat and bit crew members who tried to restrain him, according to reports.The pilot returned to London instead of flying to Dallas as scheduled, according to Metro.This story was updated 1/22 to reflect Libby’s current status at TCU. Previous articleROTC’s incoming commander cheers on TCUNext articleHoroscope: January 21, 2019 Taylor Boser RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Taylor Boser TCU places second in the National Student Advertising Competition, the highest in school history last_img read more

Attack outside former Charlie Hebdo office: “This endless threat to free speech is an abomination”

first_img Use the Digital Services Act to make democracy prevail over platform interests, RSF tells EU News “We’ll hold Ilham Aliyev personally responsible if anything happens to this blogger in France” RSF says Follow the news on France June 2, 2021 Find out more RSF_en Help by sharing this information Update from September 30: The national antiterrorist prosecutor in charge of the case confirmed on Tuesday 29 September that it was indeed a terrorist attack targeting Charlie Hebdo. The alleged perpetrator of the attack Zaheer Hassan Mahmoud was unaware that the satirical weekly’s office moved and his plan was, according to the prosecutor, “to enter the premises of the newspaper (…) with a hammer, or to set them on fire with white spirit”. When he arrived to Rue Nicolas-Appert and saw the victims, he thought they worked for Charlie Hebdo and decided to attack them.The attack came after Charlie Hebdo was the target of new threats following its decision to republish cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed to mark the start of the trial on 2 September of those accused of complicity in the 2015 Charlie Hebdo shootings.“It is really tragic to again see images of an attack on Rue Nicolas Appert five years after the one on Charlie,” RSF Secretary-General Christophe Deloire said. “This violence is a danger to us all, in France and elsewhere. And this threat that constantly weighs on the freedom of expression throughout the world is an abomination.”When calls for violence and condemnation by senior religious officials spread after the republishing of the Mohammed cartoons on the eve of the start of the Charlie Hebdo trial, RSF deplored the lack of an adequate response to these new threats and appealed to all the world leaders who took part in the historic march in Paris on 11 January 2015 to respect and promote respect of the law, which protects freedom of expression.Around 100 media outlets published an open letter on 23 September calling for action in support of freedom of expression and Charlie Hebdo. A few days before that, Charlie Hebdo human resources director Marika Bret had to be moved from her home because of threats regarded as serious.France is ranked 34th out of 180 countries in RSF’s 2020 World Press Freedom Index. May 10, 2021 Find out more Reporters Without Borders (RSF) is appalled by today’s knife attack outside the former offices of the satirical weekly Charlie Hebdo on Rue Nicolas Appert in Paris, in which two employees of production companies Premières Lignes and Bocode were injured. FranceEurope – Central Asia Condemning abusesProtecting journalists Photo : Alain JOCARD / AFP center_img Receive email alerts September 25, 2020 – Updated on September 30, 2020 Attack outside former Charlie Hebdo office: “This endless threat to free speech is an abomination” News Organisation News to go further June 4, 2021 Find out more FranceEurope – Central Asia Condemning abusesProtecting journalists RSF denounces Total’s retaliation against Le Monde for Myanmar story Newslast_img read more

South Korea

first_imgNews South KoreaAsia – Pacific South KoreaAsia – Pacific Organisation Abuse of power?South Korean authorities sometimes seem to abuse their powers. On 9 July 2010, prosecutors ordered Prime Minister Chung Un-Chan’s offices to be searched. Two years earlier, his agents in charge of ethical matters had investigated and illegally maintained surveillance on a businessman, the director of a small finance company, who had posted online a video criticising the president. The prosecutors seized the computers and other documents of four of the Minister’s staff members. The agents in charge of ethical issues regularly investigate government officials suspected of corruption or malevolent acts, but they are not authorised to investigate ordinary citizens.The authorities use criminalisation of defamation against their critics and do not hesitate to make examples of them. Since June 2008, a dozen Internet users have been briefly arrested and interrogated for having posted online negative comments related to demonstrations against the importing of beef from the United States.Netizens targetedThe well-known blogger Minerva, whose real name is DaeSung Park, learned at his own expense that the government considers protecting the financial markets more important than defending freedom of speech. Arrested in January 2009 for having criticised the regime’s economic policy, he could have faced up to five years behind bars and a fine of 50 million Won (USD 44,500). He was acquitted on 20 April 2009, the Public Prosecutor having dropped his appeal following a Constitutional Court decision. The blogger had asked for an inquiry into the constitutionality of the Telecommunications Code, and more specifically Article 47, paragraph 1, which prohibits the dissemination of false news. The Constitutional Court ruled on 28 December 2010 that the Article was in fact illegal, since it relies on “obscure” terms and stipulates excessive penalties. Over 47 people accused of defamation should therefore be cleared of the charges against them. Minerva may face other problems, however. He is still being threatened and was even assaulted once in November 2010 while giving testimony as a witness in another case. In June 2010, Minerva filed a complaint against four people whom he accused of harassing him.Despite constant pressure from the authorities, South Korean netizens are among the most active online. As a result of its persistent attacks on websites spreading North Korean propaganda and its draconian surveillance policy, the government is running the risk of alienating the part of the population which desires more openness and views censorship as a sign of the regime’s lack of trust in its own citizens, who are scarcely likely to let themselves be influenced by Northern propaganda. One blogger cited by Daily NK summarises this mindset: “No offence, North Korea, but except for a very small minority, no one believes in its propaganda (…). North Korea needs to realise that propaganda only works in a restricted environment and that this already limited space is gradually shrinking.” RSF_en On eve of the G20 Riyadh summit, RSF calls for public support to secure the release of jailed journalists in Saudi Arabia to go further November 11, 2020 Find out more News RSF calls for the release of South Korean journalist jailed for defamation November 19, 2020 Find out morecenter_img Forum on Information and Democracy 250 recommendations on how to stop “infodemics” Censorship strengthened in reaction to Northern propagandaFor several years, South Korea has been practicing selective blocking: it has rendered inaccessible some forty websites which extol the Pyongyang regime, as well as websites which deal in pornography and online betting, or promote suicide. By virtue of the country’s National Security Law, any individual who publicly supports North Korea can be charged with “anti-statist” activity and can face up to seven years behind bars. This law also applies to both traditional and online media.Website blocking is carried out via access providers by order of an administrative authority, the Korean Communications Commission, which is also responsible for Internet surveillance.Censorship is thought to have greatly increased in 2010. According to the Korea Times, based on figures disseminated by Ahn Hyoung-hwan, a spokesman of the ruling Grand National Party, the police forced Internet website administrators to delete 42,784 pro-North Korean posts in the first six months of 2010, which is one hundred times more than five years ago.Lastly, in retaliation against North Korea’s new online propaganda offensive (see the section on North Korea), the government has blocked a dozen accounts with probable ties to the Pyonygang regime on social networks such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, most often under the user name “Uriminzokkiri, which means “our nation” in Korean.This North-linked reinforcement of censorship is not very popular with Internet users, and is only partially effective, since netizens can use circumvention tools. North Korean accounts remain accessible to those who use Twitter via iPhone.Internet crackdown in reaction to social agitation and criticism of the authoritiesSouth Korea has resumed disseminating propaganda messages by radio following the March 2010 torpedoing of one of its warships, which it blamed on North Korea. Its censorship decisions are motivated by a resolve to prevent its citizens from having access to Northern propaganda.Moreover, the 2008 demonstrations linked to the scandal over beef imported from the United States were very unsettling for the incumbent leadership. According to the regime, these demonstrations were caused by netizens’ calls for action via the famous discussion forum Agora, which has become the authorities’ favourite target. In June 2008, President Lee Myung-bak had clearly expressed his distrust of the Internet: “The Internet needs to be a place of trust. The strength of the Internet can be poison instead of medicine if people cannot have faith in it.” Excessively harsh lawsArticle 7 of the National Security Law prohibits promoting or encouraging anti-statist groups, including North Korea. In paragraph 5 of this Article, any publication in support of the enemy or the mere reprinting of a document on the subject is also prohibited. Article 8 also prohibits any contact or communication with anti-statist groups. Recently the police began to investigate a cybercafé from which pro-North Korean messages had allegedly been posted. The owner was charged with violating the National Security Law.Article 47 of the Telecommunications Code states that it is illegal to “disseminate false news intended to damage the public interest.” The penalty for any violation can mean up to five years in prison. The electoral law was amended in 2004 to prohibit the dissemination via the Internet of defamatory statements about politicians running for office in an election campaign. The Penal Code, notably the provisions against insult and defamation – even when the statements turn out to be true – is also used against Internet users (Article 307).Article 44-7 of the Act on the Promotion of Information and Communications Network Utilization and Information Protection (the Network Act) prohibits the exchange of electronic information that compromises national security or is deemed to be defamatory, even if such content turns out to be true.Anonymity in danger ?Yet another regulation calls into question netizen anonymity. Article 44-5 of the above-mentioned Act requires that Internet users register under their real names and that they provide their national ID card number when visiting portals with over 100,000 members. On the other hand, only the users’ pseudonyms appear online. YouTube has refused to apply this measure. Consequently, since April 2008, YouTube users who identify themselves as based in Korea cannot upload or download their videos on the website. Since February 2009, one of the country’s main portals, Nate, has been requiring surfers to display their real name in order to leave comments online. March 11, 2011 – Updated on January 20, 2016 South Korea South Korea, the world’s “most wired” nation, has intensified its censorship of pro-North Korean websites. Determined to maintain public order in a period of political tensions and social unrest, President Lee Myung-bak’s government sometimes resorts to excessive methods and a liberticidal legislative arsenal to compel netizens to practice self-censorship. Follow the news on South Korea Receive email alerts News News Help by sharing this information August 18, 2020 Find out morelast_img read more

Journalist killed in Mogadishu fighting, Al-Shabaab takes control of radio station

first_img August 26, 2010 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Journalist killed in Mogadishu fighting, Al-Shabaab takes control of radio station to go further March 2, 2021 Find out more News Follow the news on Somalia News SomaliaAfrica RSF_en RSF requests urgent adoption of moratorium on arrests of journalists Reporters Without Borders alerts the international community to the collapse of the security situation in Somalia and the living hell its journalists are having to endure as a result of a major offensive launched on 23 August by the Islamist militia Al-Shabaab against government troops and the soldiers of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM).In addition to the many casualties in the fighting, the offensive has also had a serious impact on the media and information.“We voice our support for Somalia’s journalists and we appeal to the international community to give them help and solidarity,” Reporters Without Borders said. “They need to be covering the suffering of the civilian population in the fighting raging in Mogadishu but they are unable to do so because it is too dangerous.”The press freedom organisation added: “A journalist has just been killed by stray bullet while Al-Shabaab continues to try to control news and information by sowing terror and using local media to broadcast its hate messages and its calls for holy war.”A journalist still in Mogadishu told Reporters Without Borders: “The media is facing increasing pressure at this moment and censorship is reaching its highest levels.” Heavy pressure has, for example just forced Radio Shabelle, Somalia’s leading independent radio station, to stop broadcasting its “Tartan Aqooneedka Shabelle” talk show.Barkhat Awale, the 60-year-old manager of Radio Hurma, was fatally hit in the stomach by a stray bullet on 24 August while helping a technician to install a transmitter on the roof of the station, located at the “Kilometre 5” intersection in the government-controlled area of Mogadishu. He was the second media fatality in Somalia this year. The first was Radio Mogadishu journalist Sheik Nur Mohamed, who was killed on 4 May (see the 5 May release ).Al Shabaab meanwhile seized control of Radio Holy Quran (IQK), an independent radio station, on 23 August and began using it to broadcast its propaganda.Al-Shabaab and one of Somalia’s other leading Islamist militias, Hizb-Al-Islam, are on the Reporters Without Borders list of Predators of Press Freedom .Dozens of civilians have been killed in the fighting of the past few days. An attack on the Hotel Muna, which was claimed by Al-Shabaab, left around 30 dead including six parliamentarians. Receive email alertscenter_img News Organisation SomaliaAfrica News RSF and NUSOJ call for release of a journalist held in Somalia’s Puntland region February 24, 2021 Find out more Help by sharing this information Radio reporter gunned on city street in central Somalia January 8, 2021 Find out morelast_img read more

Israeli troops force two Palestinian TV stations to close

first_img IsraelMiddle East – North Africa News IsraelMiddle East – North Africa Israel now holding 13 Palestinian journalists Organisation June 3, 2021 Find out more News RSF asks ICC prosecutor to say whether Israeli airstrikes on media in Gaza constitute war crimes Help by sharing this information Related documents Israeli troops force two Palestinian TV stations to close – Arabic versionPDF – 33.29 KB News Follow the news on Israel News RSF_en May 28, 2021 Find out more Reporters Without Borders is deeply shocked by the raids that Israeli troops carried out on two Palestinian TV stations in the West Bank in the early hours of 29 February, seizing equipment and thereby forcing the stations to close.“These arbitrary and illegal operations served yet again to intimidate Palestinian media and journalists, the victims of repeated attacks by the Israel Defence Forces,” Reporters Without Borders said. “We urge the Israeli military to return the confiscated equipment and allow the two stations to resume broadcasting.The raids were carried out by members of the IDF accompanied by intelligence officers on Al-Wattan TV in Ramallah and Al-Quds Educational TV in Al-Bireh (about 2 km outside Ramallah). Both stations are located in territory controlled by the Palestinian Authority.During the raid on Al-Wattan TV, production director Abd Al-Rahman Thaher, reporter Hamza Salamiyeh, broadcasting manager Ahmed Zaki and designer Ibrahim Milhim were held for several hours. According to Al-Watan representative Ola Abu Gharbia, 21 computers, a transmitter and live broadcasting equipment were taken. The soldiers, who also took cassettes, administrative files and official documents, refused to give any explanation for the seizures.During the raid on Al-Quds Educational TV at around 3 a.m., the Israeli troops seize broadcasting and communications equipment, station manager Haroun Abou Arra said. The station mainly broadcasts children’s programmes and is attached to Jerusalem University’s Institute of Contemporary Media.The IDF said raids were carried out on two “pirate” TV stations because they were broadcasting without a licence on frequencies that endangered communications with civilian aircraft. The French foreign ministry condemned the raids later the same day.Reporters Without Borders has often denounced Israeli harassment of journalists. On 20 November, the Israeli communications ministry ordered the closure of All for Peace (Kol Hashalom), a radio station based in occupied East Jerusalem and broadcasting from Ramallah in the West Bank.Claiming that that it lacked the necessary broadcast licences, the Israeli authorities accused it of “inciting hatred towards Israel.” It had been broadcasting programmes in Hebrew and Arabic for seven years, encouraging peace initiatives and dialogue between Israelis and Palestinians. March 2, 2012 – Updated on January 20, 2016 Israeli troops force two Palestinian TV stations to close to go further Receive email alerts WhatsApp blocks accounts of at least seven Gaza Strip journalists May 16, 2021 Find out morelast_img read more

Buyer found for Kate’s ancestral home

first_imgFacebook Advertisement Print Linkedin KATE O’BRIEN’S ancestral Mulgrave Street home has been sold for  a price in the region of €78,000.The sale, which does not include the substantial landbank to the rear of the property, came within days of the annual Kate O’Brien weekend in the city.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up Mayor Jim Long, who has actively lobbied City Hall to purchase the famed author’s house, with a view to converting it to a writer’s museum, told the Limerick Post that city council was not involved in negotiations.“The house has been purchased by a private individual for his/her own use – that is what I’ve been told by a city auctioneer.“Neither the city council or any other agency is involved.  Contracts are awaiting  to be signed, and the identity of the purchaser has not yet been revealed”.Tom Quinlan, the Limerick conservation architect, and cousin of the owners of the property, hinted that complications could arise from the land not being sold with the house.“When you have a protected structure and a proportion is sold, the remainder of the property  still stays within the “protected” status, which means that there isn’t carte blanche to do whatever any new owner of the land might want”.Meanwhile, the launch of the 28th Kate O’Brien Weekend was held this week, and is scheduled for the Belltable Arts Centre from February 14 to 26 inclusive.The focus will be “a celebration of Irish writing in honour of the Limerick- born internationally recognised author, and among the line-up of speakers will be the Nobel Prize Winner in Literature: Seamus Heaney, Dr Loic Guyon, Katharine Towers, John Boyne, Frank McNally, Dr Niamh Hourigan, Susie Boyt, Sarah Ellen Murphy, John Horgan, Colette Davis, Vivienne McKechnie and Knute Skinner. WhatsAppcenter_img Email NewsLocal NewsBuyer found for Kate’s ancestral homeBy admin – February 9, 2012 544 Twitter Previous articleClosing date extended for Hennessy Best Dressed online registrationNext articleCrisis point at Regional Hospital adminlast_img read more

Limerick All-Star hurler Aaron Gillane named as GOAL Ambassador

first_imgLimerick hurling hero and 2019 All-Star, Aaron Gillane, has been named as an Ambassador for humanitarian relief and development agency, GOAL. The 23-year-old superstar was unveiled as an Ambassador by GOAL CEO and fellow Limerick native, Siobhan Walsh, at Patrickswell GAA Club this Tuesday. Photograph Liam Burke/Press 22Limerick hurling hero and 2019 All-Star, Aaron Gillane, has been named as an Ambassador for humanitarian relief and development agency, GOAL.The 23-year-old superstar was unveiled as an Ambassador by GOAL CEO and fellow Limerick native, Siobhan Walsh, at Patrickswell GAA Club today.Sign up for the weekly Limerick Post newsletter Sign Up Aaron joins an elite team of GOAL sports ambassadors who include another Limerick sporting sensation, hockey hero Roisin Upton, who was part of the Irish ladies hockey team that qualified for the Tokyo Olympics in a thrilling game against Canada last weekend.Aaron joined Patrickswell GAA Club at a young age and has played for his county at minor, under-21 and senior level. He scored three points in Limerick’s first All-Ireland Hurling Final victory in 45 years in 2018.Limerick hurling hero and 2019 All-Star, Aaron Gillane, has been named as an Ambassador for humanitarian relief and development agency, GOAL. The 23-year-old superstar was unveiled as an Ambassador by GOAL CEO and fellow Limerick native, Siobhan Walsh, at Patrickswell GAA Club this Tuesday. Photograph Liam Burke/Press 22GOAL CEO, Siobhan Walsh, said Aaron is an absolute inspiration to the GOAL team, and to so many young people. His achievements are the result of a lot of hard work, commitment, determination and honing of his special skills as an incredible sportsman. “He has sacrificed on his ambitious and impressive journey and sets a great example for all of us. What a great honor it is for us to have Aaron join the GOAL family and to become part of a global movement to create a better world for all. “She added: “GOAL works in 13 countries throughout Africa, the Middle East and Latin America providing emergency relief, essential healthcare, nutrition education and developing sustainable livelihoods. Ambassadors play a vital role in the organisation by sharing GOAL’s story and why it matters, and we look forward to tapping into Aarons skills in working with youth in the weeks and months ahead.”“The global challenges we face in the world today are enormous and there are no easy fixes. And by being a member of the GOAL team, our Ambassadors such as Aaron are playing a very important role in creating this change.”Aaron spoke about his delight at being a GOAL ambassador: ‘It’s great to work with an inspiring truly global organisation like GOAL. It’s a privilege for me to help inform and put a spotlight on the incredible work overseas, and to reinforce the point that we can all do something to change our world. I’m looking forward to the opportunities I will have to discuss GOAL’s work with a wide audience of people and to share my own passions about what it takes to achieve your own goals in life.” Predictions on the future of learning discussed at Limerick Lifelong Learning Festival Limerick Ladies National Football League opener to be streamed live Twitter Previous articleMural of Limerick movie star Constance Smith unveiledNext articleLimerick Post Show | Draw Out Limerick Staff Reporter Print WATCH: “Everyone is fighting so hard to get on” – Pat Ryan on competitive camogie squads Donal Ryan names Limerick Ladies Football team for League opener Email TAGSAaron GillanecharityCommunityGOALlimerick center_img Facebook RELATED ARTICLESMORE FROM AUTHOR Limerick’s National Camogie League double header to be streamed live WhatsApp NewsCommunityLimerick All-Star hurler Aaron Gillane named as GOAL AmbassadorBy Staff Reporter – November 5, 2019 640 Advertisement Linkedin Billy Lee names strong Limerick side to take on Wicklow in crucial Division 3 clash last_img read more