Mammoth great white shark may soon be a mommy shark tootootootootootoo

first_imgBelieved to be more than 50 years old, Deep Blue may even be pregnant, according to CBS News. Ramsey told the Star Advertiser that the shark is “shockingly wide” and may have a baby shark (doo-doo-doo-doo-doo-doo) swelling inside her. On Wednesday, Hawaii’s Department of Land and Natural Resources released a statement about the sperm whale carcass attracting a ton of attention from feeding sharks.”We’re asking people to stay out of the water around this carcass.  We don’t want anyone to get hurt if a shark swimming around the carcass mistakes them as food,” said Jason Redulla, chief of the department’s Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement. At almost 21 feet (6.4 meters) long, Deep Blue is about 1.3 times longer than your average Tesla, which means she can fit at least a family of five in that belly. Not that she would, of course! Ramsey told the Honolulu Star Advertiser on Wednesday that the great white came up and brushed the side of her boat, before calling the shark a “big, beautiful, gentle giant” which, from the images, seems to look true.To understand the sheer scale of the absolute unit, underwater photographer Juan Oliphant posted to his Instagram account this image of Ramsey swimming underneath the huge elasmobranch. Post a comment 0 Share your voice 67 Photos CES 2019: See all of CNET’s coverage of the year’s biggest tech show.Taking It to Extremes: Mix insane situations — erupting volcanoes, nuclear meltdowns, 30-foot waves — with everyday tech. Here’s what happens.center_img Culture Badass photos from GoPro cameras Deep Blue is one of, if not the, largest great white shark ever caught on camera. This movie was shot by researcher Mauricio Hoyos Padilla off the coast of Guadalupe Island, Mexico in 2015— Massimo (@Rainmaker1973) February 21, 2018 Tags Cheese! Ocean Ramsey poses with Deep Blue off Hawaii.Juan Oliphant/Screenshot by CNETRemember the mammoth Carcharadon named Deep Blue? If you don’t, here’s a refresher.Thought to be the world’s biggest great white shark, Deep Blue swam alongside diver and marine biologist Ocean Ramsey this week off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii. Yes, cage-free. A decomposing sperm whale apparently attracted the gargantuan shark to the area, the first time she’s been spotted near Hawaii.  last_img read more

Game of Thrones season 8 photos released by HBO Lets hunt for

first_img TV and Movies Tags Everything to know about Game of Thrones season 8: From how to watch to who’s returning. 10 Photos Inside the workshop where Game of Thrones swords are made 0center_img There are still two-plus months before Game of Thrones returns to HBO for its eighth and final season, and on Wednesday, the network released a slew of photos from the upcoming episodes.The Thrones’ network kings and queens aren’t dummies — they didn’t exactly drop major spoilers with the photo reveal. But still, a few hints and clues can be gleaned from some of the images. Here are just a few.Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) and Jon Snow (Kit Harington) need to invent to figure out their relationship. Helen Sloan/HBO Has your aunt ever gazed at you like Daenerys looks at Jon Snow? Oh right, they don’t know they’re related yet, and in Westeros, it might not matter. (Cough — Cersei and Jaime — cough.) Just a reminder that this revelation has yet to break, and it’s going to be devastating, and possibly kingdom-changing.cerseigotseason8The clock is ticking on the reign of Cersei (Lena Headey). Helen Sloan/HBO Is that a new look for Cersei? Her gown appears to have hardcore armor epaulets, which the queen might need. So many people are out to kill her that even her shoulders may require protection. Also, does she look pregnant to you? Is that claim of a baby legit? Someone get to the Westeros Walgreen’s for an EPT.aryaDoes Arya Stark (Maisie Williams) still have her list?  Helen Sloan/HBO Being home at Winterfell doesn’t mean Arya can relax. Her kill list still has the following names on it: The Hound, Cersei Lannister, Ilyn Payne, The Mountain, Melisandre and Beric Dondarrion — we think. The biggest spoiler in this photo is just the look on Arya’s face. She appears as determined as ever to complete her deadly quest.tyriongot8Tyrion has served as the acting Hand of the King (for Joffrey, yuck) and now is the proper Hand of the Queen for Daenerys (a better deal, if you ask us). Helen Sloan/HBO Tyrion Lannister’s birth supposedly killed his mother, and as an adult, he intentionally killed his dad (kudos, because Tywin was a monster). As the pin he wears here shows, now he’s serving as Hand to Daenerys, watching (sadly) as she and Jon fall in love, and bracing for the inevitable final conflict with his horrendous older sister Cersei. Will Tyrion or Jaime be the little brother that the prophecy said will kill Cersei? Really, we’d take either at this point.Additional photos shared by HBO are mainly straight portraits, with perhaps a few clues hidden for those who squint and use their imagination. Pictured are Sansa, Brienne, Jaime, Bran, Sam, Varys and Davos.Game of Thrones returns to HBO on April 14. Game of Thrones HBO Post a comment Share your voicelast_img read more

Star Wars director Jon Favreau teases Mandalorian role for Taika Waititi

first_img Target Game of Thrones Thor Star Wars 0 Tags In addition to Waititi, other guest directors for the series will include Dave Filoni, Bryce Dallas Howard, Rick Famuyiwa and Deborah Chow.The Mandalorian stars Pedro Pascal of Game of Thrones as a lone Mandalorian gunfighter, alongside Gina Carano, Giancarlo Esposito, Emily Swallow, Carl Weathers, Omid Abtahi, Werner Herzog and Nick Nolte. The new Star Wars series will be exclusive to the direct-to-consumer streaming service Disney+, which is set to launch in the US in late 2019. Share your voice Skeptics could argue that Waititi isn’t voicing IG-88, but merely directing the episode that has IG-88 in it. But with the presence of microphones, it seems more likely that Waititi could be lending his voice to the familiar robot character.Lucasfilm, Favreau and Waititi did not immediately respond to a request to comment.The new Star Wars series will be set seven years after Return of the Jedi (so six years after the Empire’s final defeat at the Battle of Jakku and 23 years before The Force Awakens) and will focus on all-new characters.But judging by that new Instagram photo, perhaps we’ll get a few other older characters along with IG-88, who fans first saw in 1980’s The Empire Strikes Back. 17 Photos Post a comment More Star Wars Mark Hamill reveals his Star Wars Episode 9 trailer Disney renews Star Wars Resistance animated series for season 2 Black Panther composer to score Star Wars series The Mandalorian See Star Wars Lego Millennium Falcon sets over nearly 20 years TV and Movies A new clue might just indicate that Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi is not only slated to guest direct an episode of Star Wars: The Mandalorian series, but may also be voicing the robot bounty hunter IG-88.On Thursday, The Mandalorian director and producer Jon Favreau posted a new photo on Instagram without a caption showing Waititi behind a microphone while looking at a screen with IG-88 prominently displayed, during a post-production recording session.last_img read more

Prince Harry Meghan Markle win crown for fastest to 1M Instagram followers

first_img 0 On Wednesday, the couple also shared a post of Prince Harry meeting with people as part of his work in mental health.  Post a comment About an hour after the couple’s account launched, Instagram “partially crashed, preventing most users from being able to follow the account on first clicking the follow button,” according to journalist Benjamin Wareing.K-Pop star Kang Daniel previously held the Guinness record after joining Instagram earlier this year. He reached 1 million followers in 11 hours 36 minutes. Pope Francis, who got 1 million followers in 12 hours, held the record in 2016. The Royal Family is quite familiar with the social network. Its Instagram account has more than 5 million followers and over 2,400 posts. Even Queen Elizabeth herself has posted content to the account. Last month, the Royal Family shared a set of social media guidelines asking people to show “courtesy, kindness and respect” on its accounts. This came after Duchesses Kate Middleton and Markle became the target of hateful comments online. In January, Kensington Palace reportedly asked Instagram and Twitter to help curb abusive comments. Before her wedding to Prince Harry, Markle had deleted her social media accounts. It’s safe to say many people are happy to have her back. Instagram It may not be a crowning achievement, but Prince Harry and Meghan Markle broke an Instagram world record for reaching 1 million Instagram followers in under 6 hours. Anwar Hussein/Getty Images Prince Harry and Meghan Markle broke the Guinness World Record for being the fastest to get 1 million Instagram followers. The couple launched their account sussexroyal on Tuesday, reaching 1 million followers in 5 hours and 45 minutes, according to Guinness. At the time of publication, the account had 3 million followers. “Welcome to our official Instagram; we look forward to sharing the work that drives us, the causes we support, important announcements, and the opportunity to shine a light on key issues,” reads the account’s first post, which has more than 1 million likes.  Tags Online Share your voicelast_img read more

Game of Thrones premiere Twitter slayed by Brienne of Tarths red carpet

first_imgGwendoline Christie in all her glory.  Mike Coppola/Getty Game of Thrones final season returns in 10 days for us mere mortals, but the stars of the “A Song of Ice and Fire” saga were up and about for the season 8 premiere in New York City on Wednesday.None more so than Gwendoline Christie, who practically scorched the red carpet wherever she set foot and set Twitter into a frenzy of praise and adulation. You could practically hear a “we’re not worthy” chant ring out across the Twitterverse.Christie, who plays Brienne of Tarth in the show and has become one of the most beloved still-alive characters, was dressed in an Iris van Herpen gown that demanded attention. It truly is, as my millennial, fashion-forward friends tell me, “a look”. Gwendoline Christie…..chop my head off with a sword….— Jennifer Con Crud Cheek (@JenniferCheek) April 4, 2019 Now playing: Watch this: Give her the throne.#GoTPremiereNYC— Professor Snape (@_Snape_) April 4, 2019 Game of Thrones returns on Sunday, April 14 and we fully expect Christie’s Brienne of Tarth to continue being absolute fire. While Christie was certainly Twitter’s pick of the night, Pedro Pascal, who played Oberyn Martell in the show’s fourth season before having his eyes gouged out and brain exploded, was having a lot fun too.  Game of Thrones OBERYN MARTELL IS HERE BABY #GameOfThrones #GoTPremiereNYC— ellen (@dansaryas) April 3, 2019 Just had a look at the Game of Thrones premiere photos and I’m sorry but Brienne of fucking Tarth is an absolute GODDESS 😍😍😍— Emma Summer (@emmasummeruk) April 4, 2019 Share your voice Comments 5:50 Sexual orientation: Gwendoline Christie at the #GameOfThrones New York premiere— Andrea González-Ramírez (@andreagonram) April 4, 2019 My feels 😭❤️#GoTPremiereNYC— Jon Snow🐺❄ (@BasileiaSnow) April 4, 2019 Lady Brienne of Tarth would like our attention.— Naima Cochrane (@naima) April 4, 2019 Game of Thrones Season 8: All your questions answered… 2 brienne of m fukkin tarth has arrived— Jeanette Hayes (@jeanettehayes) April 4, 2019 Online BRIENNE OF TARTH EVERYBODY #GoTPremiereNYC— 𝐩𝐚𝐮𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐞 (@adoregrande) April 3, 2019 Tagslast_img read more

Formula Drift now has an electric Camaro race car and it totally

first_img 0 68 Photos Share your voice Tags 2018 Subaru Crosstrek: Just as good as before, only better Hyundai’s jumbo compact sedan communes with Google 2018 Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 1LE is a serious track weapon Electric Cars Car Culturecenter_img Post a comment 2019 Mercedes-Benz GLC350e review: Premium plug-in hybrid feels like an efficiency half-step Chevrolet Chevrolet More From Roadshow Even though electric vehicles are relatively commonplace on the highways and byways of America, they remain relatively uncommon on our race tracks. Sure, Formula E is starting to be a thing, and people are shredding time attacks and autocross events in Teslas, but loud cars powered by dead dinosaurs still dominate motorsport.That could be changing, at least in the world of drifting. See, drifting — in case you’ve been living under a rock for the last 10 years — is the sport where drivers expertly slide their cars around a circuit in tandem with another driver. It’s kind of like figure skating, but with tire smoke.The thing about drifting is that the runs are relatively short and torque is king, both things that pretty much scream electric motors. The folks from Napoleon Motorsports thought so too, so they took a new Camaro, ripped its gas-powered guts out and installed an electric drivetrain with 500 horsepower and 800 foot-pounds of torque, and they’re campaigning it during this season of Formula Drift.It’s pretty awesome. So awesome that the loud internet people from Donut Media decided to go and check this “EL-1” out in person and film it. The video is packed to the gills with memes but it’s rad and informative. Check it out and start cruising Craigslist for crashed EVs and weird sports cars like we do.last_img read more

9 great reads from CNET this week

first_img Tech Industry Tags A judge ruled Qualcomm is a monopoly. The Justice Department charged Julian Assange with violating the Espionage Act. And Apple redesigned its MacBook keyboard in response to complaints about sticky keys.That’s just scratching the surface on the big tech news from this week. Here are the stories you don’t want to miss. Samsung deepfake AI could fabricate a video clip of you from a single photoEven the Mona Lisa can be faked. Egor Zakharov Uber’s IPO millionaires could buy every home for sale in the Bay AreaAnd they’d still have half a billion dollars left over for avocado toast.Uninhabitable Shack For Sale For 2.5 Million In San Francisco Justin Sullivan/Getty Images Why Facebook wants this creepy-crawly robot to teach itself to walkIt’s all about AI.facebook-ai-artificial-intelligence-robots-robotics-1383 James Martin/CNET Game of Thrones finale was so disappointing I actually miss the booksI loved how the show distilled the novels. But I will stomach George R.R. Martin’s bloated, rapey prose again if it can help me understand Daenerys.whysocrazyHuawei could survive without Android, but not very wellChina may not need Google, but Huawei does.honor-20-pro-19 Angela Lang/CNET Star Trek: Picard trailer — possible reasons Captain Picard left StarfleetThe trailer for the new Picard show poses an intriguing question. What would prompt The Next Generation’s captain to abandon his crew?picardreturns Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET Jeff Bezos’ space colony plans are straight out of 1970s science fictionThe Blue Origin billionaire wants to send us all into space. Humans have been dreaming about that for a long Blue Origin Aladdin review: Guy Ritchie’s Disney remake dazzles and surprisesThis live-action update isn’t quite a whole new world, but it’s still one worth visiting despite its forgettable villain and unsettling Genie CGI.lamp Disney Instagram website leaked phone numbers and emails for months, researcher saysThe flaw made the information easy to scrape and turn into a database.cybersecurity-hacking-7 Graphic by Pixabay/Illustration by CNET Post a comment 0 Game of Thrones Blue Origin Artificial intelligence (AI) Facial recognition Jeff Bezos Privacy Robots Space Star Trek Facebook Huawei Instagram Samsung Uber Share your voicelast_img read more

Waymo and Renault Nissan team up to explore autonomous services in France

first_img 18 Photos Waymo’s autonomous Pacifica cruising through Castle Autonomous Vehicles Car Industry Future Cars Nissan 2019 Nissan Pathfinder Rock Creek Edition first drive: Its roots are showing Now playing: Watch this: 2020 Kia Soul review: Well-rounded box Tags More From Roadshow Enlarge ImageDoes this mean we could see Waymo’s hardware being attached to Renaults and Nissans in the future? Perhaps. Waymo Breaking into new markets can be hard, so it helps partner with a group that has experience in these new markets — it’s important to play to the crowd, after all. Waymo is looking for new places to put its tech, and it’s leaning on help from the Renault Nissan Alliance to help it get there.Waymo announced on Thursday that it has entered into a partnership with the Renault Nissan Alliance. The goal of the partnership is to look at driverless mobility options for passengers and cargo in both France and Japan, the Alliance’s home markets. The first step in this partnership will be figuring out the regulatory and commercial hurdles required to launch such services in those locations.”This is an ideal opportunity for Waymo to bring our autonomous technology to a global stage, with an innovative partner,” said John Krafcik, CEO of Waymo, in a statement. “With the Alliance’s international reach and scale, our Waymo Driver can deliver transformational mobility solutions to safely serve riders and commercial deliveries in France, Japan, and other countries.”While the partnership might focus on Japan and France first, the Alliance’s press release says that the pair’s efforts might make its way to other markets, as well — interestingly, the release said that China won’t be part of that expansion. The Alliance will also establish new companies in France and Japan for the sole purpose of exploring driverless services.Partnerships are a great way to spread costs around, which is important in the autonomy space given the high costs of entry and development. Waymo has generally stayed its own course, going so far as to launch its own dedicated driverless service, Waymo One, in parts of the Phoenix metro area. The Alliance almost had a new partner in Fiat Chrysler, but the deal fell apart for a variety of reasons. Waymo, however, still has its partnership with FCA in place. A ride on public streets in Waymo One Post a comment 2016 Chevy Colorado diesel: A 7,700-pound hauler, 30-plus mpg runabout Waymo Renault Share your voice 6:08 0last_img read more

SpaceX simplified A quick guide to Elon Musks space company

first_imgFalcon Heavy liftingSpaceX grabbed heaps of attention in February of 2018 when it launched Falcon Heavy, the most powerful rocket launched from the US since the Saturn V that sent astronauts to the moon. Basically three Falcon 9 rockets strapped together, the huge launch system sent a test payload consisting of Musk’s personal red Tesla Roadster in the direction of Mars. Two of the three Falcon 9s that made up Falcon Heavy also landed nearly simultaneously at Cape Canaveral. More than 15 years after his initial trip to Moscow, Musk finally pulled off the international spectacle he had conceived in 2001, and he’s also built a viable business in the process.The second launch of Falcon Heavy came April 11, 2019 and was followed by the first successful landing of all three first-stage rocket cores. A third Falcon Heavy launch was conducted June 25, 2019 and SpaceX took reusability one step further by catching the payload fairing (the nose cone that shields the payload during launch) using a ship equipped with a gigantic net.  Every Elon Musk project right now 16 Photos 5 Watch SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy rocket make its first test… Now playing: Watch this: 6:19 Elon Musk Space SpaceX Tesla Sci-Tech 13:31 Share your voice Humans on Mars: An atlas of plans to land on the Red Planet Originally published June 2, 2018 and updated as new SpaceX developments come in.  How to follow Falcon flightsYou can watch every Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy launch via the company’s website and YouTube channel. Each broadcast typically goes live about 15 minutes before the scheduled launch time.To keep up with the constantly changing schedule of launches, the best source is the SpaceX Twitter feed. It’s also a good idea to follow Elon Musk’s account if you don’t already. Starship to the moon and MarsSpaceX plans to use Falcon Heavy to launch some large payloads in the coming months, but it’s already at work on an even bigger rocket called Starship (previously referred to BFR, Big Falcon Rocket or Big F***ing Rocket). Musk hopes this even more massive rocket will be able to transport cargo and eventually human passengers around the world and the solar system. He envisions using Starship to ferry people on superfast international flights via space and eventually to bases yet to be built on the moon, Mars and beyond.A single-engine Starship prototype called Starhopper left the ground for the first time on July 25, 2019, hovering about 20 meters (66 feet) off the ground before landing a short distance away at SpaceX’s test facility in south Texas. In 2018, Musk revealed that Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will be the company’s first paying customer for a Starship mission, which will send the entrepreneur and six to eight of his favorite artists on a week-long flight past the moon and back to Earth in 2023.  SpaceX launches Bangladesh’s first communications satellite Sights on ‘Starlink’SpaceX isn’t just working on getting things into space, it also hopes to use space to bring the universe to us. In May 2019, the company launched dozens of small satellites designed to be the first batch in a massive constellation of broadband satellites. The plan, dubbed Starlink, is to use nearly 12,000 satellites in low-Earth orbit to blanket the globe with high-speed internet access. The company says the service could create a new stream of revenue to help fund its pricey Mars ambitions. What’s next? Since its inception, SpaceX has aimed to get to Mars, but the company is involved in non-space-related projects on Earth like the high-speed Hyperloop transit concept. Musk’s Boring Company tunnel-digging and traffic-mitigating ventures are also largely operating out of SpaceX headquarters in Southern California. Unlike the other big Musk company, Tesla Motors, SpaceX is not publicly traded. Musk has said he doesn’t plan to take SpaceX public until the company realizes its Mars ambitions. That means SpaceX might make sense as the home of any other future Muskian side projects like Hyperloop and the Boring Company in the meantime.  Falcon 9 is a two-stage orbital rocket that’s been used to launch satellites for companies and governments, resupply the International Space Station and even send the US Air Force’s super-secret space plane on its mysterious long missions. Over the past nine years the company has flown more than 70 Falcon 9 missions. What really sets Falcon 9 apart from the competition is its unprecedented ability to send a payload into orbit and then have its first stage return to Earth, landing either on solid ground or on a floating droneship landing pad at sea, another SpaceX innovation. After a few explosive failed attempts, a Falcon 9 finally landed safely on Dec. 22, 2015, and a few months later another touched down on a droneship for the first time. Several recovered Falcon 9 rockets have since flown and landed again. On May 11, 2018 SpaceX launched its first Block 5 Falcon 9 rocket, the “final version” designed to be reused up to 100 times with periodic refurbishments. A Dragon that fliesSpaceX’s Dragon craft has been used to carry cargo to the International Space Station. Dragon was the first commercial spacecraft to be recovered after a trip from orbit. SpaceX is working on a second version called Crew Dragon that it intends to use to send humans to space and the ISS.NASA has selected Crew Dragon, along with Boeing’s Starliner, to be the first spacecraft to carry astronauts to the ISS since the end of the shuttle program. The initiative suffered a setback in April 2019 when an unoccupied Crew Dragon exploded during a ground test because of a leak in the pressurization system. The first flight of Crew Dragon with humans aboard is now unlikely to happen before 2020.  32 Photos Maezawa plans to invite artists from media like literature, film, visual arts, architecture and fashion to join him on the journey. The famed art collector is footing the bill for the whole trip with the expectation that the artists will create new works inspired by the experience. The project has been dubbed #dearMoon, and Musk has since announced plans to livestream the entire mission in VR for fans at home to follow along.Musk offered his plans for a large city on Mars at two International Aeronautical Congress meetings, but he has yet to give many details on what life on the Red Planet would be like. He’s said SpaceX is primarily interested in providing the transportation, while allowing others to worry about the infrastructure. However, company President Gwynne Shotwell said it might make sense for SpaceX sister venture, the Boring Company, to bore tunnels on Mars that could be used for human habitation. Paul Wooster, the company’s lead engineer for its Mars plan, said at the 2018 Mars Society conference that the first people sent to the Red Planet would live on the landed Starship spacecraft indefinitely while building habitation, landing pads and other initial infrastructure.  23 Photos Now playing: Watch this: SpaceX, the rocket company founded by tech billionaire Elon Musk, was created with the mission of taking humans to Mars. Nearly two decades on, it’s getting ever closer to achieving that goal while accomplishing plenty of other milestones along the way.Elon Musk caught on film by National Geographic during the Falcon Heavy launch. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET If you’re having a hard time keeping up with SpaceX’s plans to replace international airline flights with orbital rocket trips, send a Japanese billionaire and his favorite artists around the moon, create a global broadband network and develop a Mars rocket, don’t worry. We created this SpaceX primer so you can get up to speed fast.How SpaceX startedIn 2002, Musk and friends traveled to Russia to buy a refurbished intercontinental ballistic missile. The Silicon Valley prodigy who made millions off internet startups wasn’t looking to start a business at the time. He wanted to spend a big chunk, or maybe all of his fortune, on a stunt he hoped would reinvigorate interest in funding NASA and space exploration. The idea was to buy a Russian rocket on the cheap and use it to send plants or mice to Mars — and hopefully bring them back, too. Ideally, the spectacle would get the world excited about space again. But Musk’s Moscow meeting didn’t go well and he decided he could build rockets himself, calculating that he could undercut existing launch contractors in the process. SpaceX was founded just a few months later.What’s a Falcon 9 rocket?Musk initially hoped to make it to Mars by 2010, but just getting one of its rockets into orbit took six years. A SpaceX Falcon 1 orbited Earth for the first time on Sept. 28, 2008. This paved the way for a nine-engine version of the rocket, the Falcon 9, the company’s workhorse since its first launch in 2010.  Tags SpaceX Dragon V2 spacecraft unveiled by Elon Musk (pictures) Commentslast_img read more

Luxury cars should ditch wood veneers for cork and heres why

first_img Hyundai Palisade is a surprisingly palatial three-row… 2018 Hyundai Azera: Returning to the US as the Grandeur? Tags Comments Car Industry Enlarge ImageWe’d take this look over fake carbon fiber-look plastic any day. Hyundai Making transportation more ecologically friendly isn’t only about finding alternatives to fossil fuels or making things more efficient. It’s also about changing the materials that get used in building cars.Automakers are realizing this, and many are offering vehicles without leather and with low-VOC plastics, but there is still room to improve. That’s why we were stoked to see a report from Automotive News published in August on a company that’s looking at alternatives to using traditional wood veneers in a car’s interior.The company is called Seoyong and rather than using traditional woods, it’s been pioneering the use of cork as a replacement. “But cork is a kind of wood,” you’re probably shouting at your phone as you read this on the toilet at work, and you’d be right.However, harvesting cork from a cork tree doesn’t kill the tree, and in fact, it grows back eventually, making cork a renewable resource. Even cooler, it’s done totally by hand, so there’s very little machinery adding to the material’s carbon footprint. 2020 Hyundai Palisade review: Posh enough to make Genesis jealous More From Roadshow Cork is harvested from cork oak trees in June and July only, and the harvesters use axes and adzes to cut into the tree and peel off the top inch or two of bark. The bark grows back, and the tree can be harvested again in nine years. The trees live for up to 300 years, so its bark can be harvested many times.What Seoyong does with the cork bark is slice it very thin, less than a millimeter, and lays it over injection-molded plastic in several layers, much like a company would do with a traditional wood veneer. Once it’s glued in place, they treat the cork with a water-based finish that preserves the unique look of the wood but protects it from water, scratches and UV damage.Currently, Hyundai is the only manufacturer that we’re aware of that’s offered cork trim on its mass-produced vehicles starting with the Korean-market Azera Grandeur Hybrid. Given how much more affordable the cork veneer process is and how cool it looks, we hope more manufacturers pick up on it — we’re looking at you Volvo. 18 Photos 2019 Mercedes-AMG E53 Sedan review: A breath of fresh(er) air Now playing: Watch this: 4 Hyundai Share your voice 5:43 2020 BMW M340i review: A dash of M makes everything betterlast_img read more