Students transform junk into award winner

Norfolk students returned from the Motorama car show with three awards to showcase their hard work.The Motorama Show was held at Toronto’s International Centre in early March. The show featured almost 400 custom cars, hot rods, street tuners, and race cars.Simcoe Composite School and Delhi District Secondary School worked together over three years and many classes to restore a truck they were able to enter into the show alongside some of Canada’s best.“We’ve taken our students to Motorama for multiple years, just because it’s a great show,” said Terry Oosting, a Simcoe teacher. This was the first year the students have been able to see a vehicle they have worked on at the show.The truck had the mechanical work done in Simcoe, the organizing and woodwork done in Delhi, and the body work done by Flat-Out Automotive in Jarvis.The titles awarded to the truck at Motorama were Best in Class – Restored/Original 45-57, Best First Time Shown Antique and BASF Best Paint Antique/Restore.“Working on cars that come into the garage that will never go on the road again isn’t exciting for the kids. Our goal is to have them see something transform from a piece of junk to a show car,” said Harvey Van Der Meer, the Delhi teacher involved in this project.The goal is to keep the students doing as much hands-on work as possible, and to keep them excited about the end result.The application process to get the truck into the event included sending photos to the Motorama planners, meeting their standards, and being approved.“We told them about what we were doing here in the schools, and they were excited about it so they asked us to come to the show,” Van Der Meer explained.The awards totaled together for a $150 prize, which was put towards paying for the investment of the

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