NES PunchOut easter egg took 29 years to discover

first_imgPunch-Out!! now forms a series of boxing games created by Nintendo, but the very first one was released way back in February 1984 in arcades. The first NES version, Punch-Out!! also known as Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! launched in 1987, some 29 years ago. The development team included a number of easter eggs, and one of them has remained hidden until now.This easter egg is rather subtle until you notice it, and then it’s very obvious. On the left side of the screen in the front row of the crowd is a bearded guy. What no one has realized until now is that the bearded guy will in a couple of fights duck his head at the exact moment you should punch your opponent to score a knock out.A full explanation of the easter egg is given in the video below by the person who discovered it. He goes by the name of midwesternhousewives online:Midwesternhousewives points out he only noticed the bearded guy easter egg after the developer leaked the camera flash easter egg and stated there were still others to find. That suggests the bearded guy isn’t the last one and others are begging to be found.This new easter egg has since been verified by another Reddit user named unvaluablespace. Playing through the entire game using an emulator they found that the bearded guy only ducks for fights against Piston Honda and Bald Bull. It’s also been pointed out that emulators still aren’t as good as the original NES hardware when it comes to getting timings perfect.last_img

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