Three Indians charged in 1 million US fraud

first_imgNew York: Three Indians have been charged in a million-dollar fraud scheme in the US in which they remotely accessed computers belonging to senior citizens without authorisation, caused the machines to malfunction and lured the victims’ into purchasing phony computer repair services. Gunjit Malhotra, 30, Gurjeet Singh 22 and Jas Pal 54, have each been charged with one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, which carries a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison, and one count of conspiracy to access a protected computer in furtherance of fraud, which carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison, the United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York Geoffrey Berman said. Also Read – ‘Hong Kong won’t rule out Chinese help over protests’Berman said that for several years the three exploited elderly victims by remotely accessing their computers and convincing them to pay for computer support services they did not need, and which were never actually provided. The conspiracy netted at least USD 1.3 million for the three men, who were arrested and presented before magistrate judge here last week. Berman said by targeting the elderly, the three men took advantage of some of the society’s must vulnerable members, and they now face criminal consequences for their alleged predatory conduct. Also Read – Pak Army chief accompanies Imran at key meetings in ChinaThe three men engaged in a scheme in which they and their co-conspirators purported to provide computer repair services to victims located throughout the US, many of whom are elderly. The defendants and their co-conspirators provided their victims’ false and misleading information to extract payment for computer repair services. They claimed to be associated with major technology software companies when, in fact, they were not, promised to provide computer services when none were provided and represented that computer repair services were needed when they knew that was false. As part of their scheme, the three men and their co-conspirators accessed their victims’ computers and caused them to freeze or, in other instances, installed software on their victims’ computers and caused their victims’ email accounts to send emails that thanked the perpetrators for providing computer services.last_img read more

Nanaimo voters to polls in byelection barely six months ahead of federal

first_imgNANAIMO, B.C. — Voters are going to the polls for the third time in eight months in Nanaimo, B.C., with Monday’s byelection contest in the federal riding of Nanaimo-Ladysmith, which comes just six months before October’s federal election.Voters will replace former New Democrat MP Sheila Malcolmson, who resigned in January in a successful run for the British Columbia NDP in the provincial riding.Seven candidates are running in the byelection: New Democrat Bob Chamberlin, Jennifer Clarke of the People’s Party of Canada, Liberal Michelle Corfield, Conservative John Hirst, Jakob Letkemann of the National Citizens Alliance, Green Paul Manly and Brian Marlatt of the Progressive Canadian Party.Despite the string of elections in the area, voters don’t appear to be suffering from election fatigue, says David Black, a political communications expert at Victoria’s Royal Roads University.Voter turnout in last October’s municipal vote was 40 per cent. It was 53 per cent in the Jan. 30 provincial byelection and in the October 2015 federal election, Nanaimo-Ladysmith saw 75 per cent of eligible voters cast ballots.“There’s something going on in Nanaimo that’s kind of wonderful,” said Black. “Turnout in 2015 was 75 per cent. That typically means the higher the turnout the less predictable the race because you have a lot of voters who are not partisan and who may be persuadable.”He said the presence of five national leaders in Nanaimo-Ladysmith during the byelection indicates the importance of the vote this close to the federal election and that will likely increase voter turnout.Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, Green Leader Elizabeth May, the NDP’s Jagmeet Singh and Maxime Bernier of the People’s Party of Canada have all been in the riding since the byelection call.“It’s their presence and the fact that it’s the last byelection before October that has made this byelection, in its own way, a proving ground, a laboratory for national political messages heading into October,” Black said.He said he expects Monday’s vote to be a four-way contest between the NDP, Conservatives, Greens and the Liberals. Each party polled 20 per cent or more in 2015 with Malcolmson winning for the NDP with 33 per cent of the vote.Chamberlin is a vice-president with the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs; Corfield has served as chair and vice-chair of the Nanaimo Port Authority; Manly is a researcher, filmmaker and communications specialist; and Hirst, is a financial manager and the youngest candidate at 32 years old.The Canadian Presslast_img read more

NBA Star Joins Artist To Inspire Kids

first_imgOn Tuesday, January 12th, 2016 NBA Star Amaré Stoudemire and Acclaimed Contemporary Artist and LA Native, RETNA joined together for a live art installation for community children at Pan Pacific Park to inspire kids to engage in the arts.Amar’e Stoudemire and RETNACredit/Copyright: Michael Bezjian / WireImageAmaré and RETNA painted several paintings along with the children and throughout the evening Amaré took breaks to shoot hoops with the children. This park is the same park that RETNA grew up at, and is brought his peer Amaré Stoudemire to create an interactive experience for local youth to engage in arts and sports activities.This is the first “In The Paint” Series launched by Amar’e Stoudemire through his Melech Collection, a platform he created to provide access between emerging artists and burgeoning art enthusiasts. Through the “In the Paint” Series which reflects both his love for art and basketball, he will collaborate with leading and emerging artists in local communities throughout the country to create interactive events to expose youth to art in their community.At the close of the evening Amaré, alongside RETNA, presented a $20,000 check, the largest single donation by an NBA player to date to Pan Pacific Park.Amaré and RETNA were also honored by the city of Los Angeles with certificates of recognition for their charitable work.last_img read more

Before and after a storm the supply stores are critical

first_imgMIAMI – Before and after a hurricane, Ace is the place. And Home Depot and Lowe’s. And many other hardware and building supply outlets.Not surprisingly, these companies plan for storms such as Hurricane Florence all year. Much like the Federal Emergency Management Agency, supplies are pre-positioned and trucks loaded and ready to go with everything from batteries to gas cans to tarps to chainsaws.Here’s the thing: the government can only do so much. Most people must fend for themselves at some point, and the local hardware or building supply store is where they go. Not everything is available easily online. Try to buy some drywall that way.“It’s a year-round thing for us,” said Margaret Smith, spokeswoman for Atlanta-based Home Depot. “When it’s hurricane season, we are operating 24 hours a day.”As Florence bore down on the Southeast coast this week, Ace Hardware manager Tom Roberts watched as an employee finished five of the busiest days they have ever seen in their store in the tiny village of Calabash, North Carolina.They sold hundreds of gas cans and ran out of generators, but still had bottled water, sand bags and other items, Roberts said.“We’re going to be just as busy with clean up once this thing is gone,” he said.Home Depot and Mooresville, North Carolina-based Lowe’s, the two biggest home supply companies, both activated sophisticated emergency command centres that bring together various divisions to work on everything from shipping logistics to ensuring employees in hurricane zones get back on their feet. They have their own meteorologists on duty and are in contact with government agencies.The key is making sure the right supplies are ready at the right time, said Jennifer Thayer, Lowe’s vice-president for store operations in North and South Carolina. For example, people might need more gas cans and plywood before a hurricane and more wet/dry vacuum cleaners or tarps for damaged roofs after the storm, she said.And wind is one thing, while flooding is another in terms of what customers need.“We plan it out pre-storm. And then we start shifting into post-storm,” Thayer said. “We have the ability to put merchandise strategically in the stores. It depends on the event.”Smith said Home Depot has about 1,100 trucks loaded and ready to respond to its stores in the Carolinas and Georgia once Florence passes through. Lowe’s says on its website it has shipped some 2,700 truckloads of supplies to the area threatened by Florence.Both companies plan to open stores in the storm zone as soon as possible.“Our communities count on us in storm prep and then recovery in a very big way,” Smith said.Many of these chains can also bring in employees from other regions to substitute for those in storm-stricken areas, giving them time to deal with their own personal home damage or other issues from a storm. Sometimes the local workers can get financial assistance.For example, Smith said Home Depot will often provide grants to help pay for hotels or to fill gaps in insurance coverage for damage to an employee’s home. Thayer said Lowe’s has an employee relief fund for such circumstances.“People can request funds to help them if they can’t afford to get back on their feet,” Thayer said.In 2017, Home Depot had revenue of more than $100 billion. Lowe’s earned about $68 billion. Sales of hurricane-related materials spike before and after storms, but the profit is beside the point, Thayer said.“At the end of the day, it’s about the community, it’s about the stores,” she said._____Associated Press writer Jeffrey Collins in Calabash, North Carolina, contributed to this story.last_img read more

Bernie Sanders relaunches Medicare for All amid 2020 glare

WASHINGTON — Sen. Bernie Sanders of Vermont will unveil a new version of his “Medicare for All” plan on Wednesday, shaking up the 2020 presidential election by reopening the debate over his call to eliminate private health insurance.Four of Sanders’ fellow senators and rivals for the Democratic nomination are set to sign onto the updated single-payer health care proposal. The bill’s reintroduction promises to shine a bright light on Democratic presidential candidates’ disparate visions for the long-term future of American health care.Under fire from President Donald Trump and Republicans for the astronomical price tag of Medicare for All, some candidates who support the plan tout it as one of several ways to achieve more affordable coverage and lower the number of uninsured. And others who don’t back it are instead focusing on safeguarding popular provisions of the Affordable Care Act, such as the one that protects coverage of pre-existing conditions.“Of course, our No. 1 goal should be to make sure we keep in place those protections so people don’t get kicked off their insurance,” Sen. Amy Klobuchar, a Minnesota Democrat who isn’t signed onto Sanders’ bill, told reporters Tuesday. “Then we also have to see the Affordable Care Act as a beginning and not an end.”Klobuchar supports a so-called public option, versions of which would allow Americans to buy into Medicare or Medicaid. Four other Democratic senators also running for president — Elizabeth Warren, Cory Booker, Kamala Harris and Kirsten Gillibrand — back Sanders’ single-payer plan, which would replace the current mix of private and government health insurance in the U.S. with a new system run by the government. But they have also signed onto at least one version of a public option.Warren pointed to “a lot of different pathways” to universal coverage during a televised CNN town hall last month. “What we’re all looking for is the lowest cost way to make sure that everybody gets covered.”The debate is unfolding in the early stages of a Democratic primary in which some candidates have pointed to their support of Medicare for All to prove their progressive bona fides. But other Democratic contenders, including former Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, have criticized Sanders’ measure as politically infeasible.Under Medicare for All, Americans would no longer pay premiums or face insurance deductibles as the government-run system replaced private health insurance offered through employers, the mainstay of coverage for more than 160 million Americans.Big tax increases would be needed to finance such a system. The transition is likely to be complicated, dismantling the private health insurance industry and making major changes for hospitals, doctors, drug companies and other medical providers.“What our system does is get rid of insurance companies and drug companies making billions of dollars in profit every single year,” Sanders told CBS News for an interview set to air Wednesday, adding that private insurance would largely exist solely for elective medical care such as cosmetic surgery.With Sanders’ idea returning to the forefront, Republicans have a fresh opportunity to slam his plan as too costly and unworkable.“So-called ‘Medicare for All’ means private insurance for none, kicking 180 million Americans off of their current plans,” said Kayleigh McEnany, spokeswoman for Trump’s reelection campaign. “‘Medicare for all’ is a euphemism for government takeover of healthcare, and it would increase wait times, eliminate choice, and raise taxes.”She touted Trump’s “free market policies” as a better alternative.Trump has said he will take up health care after next year’s election, essentially making it a central campaign issue. And his administration is arguing in court for the full eradication of the Affordable Cart Act, former President Barack Obama’s signature health care law.Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., warned in a Tuesday floor speech that the cost of Sanders’ proposal “is so steep that even left-leaning analysts are quietly admitting that the tax burden is virtually certain to land on the shoulders of the middle class.”Sanders’ office released a paper outlining options to pay for his last version of Medicare for All, estimated to cost upwards of $1 trillion per year, although none of those options was included in the legislation itself. He and other supporters of Medicare for All have generally sidestepped the question of how they would pay for their plan. Instead, they say it offers the best chance for the nation to get control over health care costs by eliminating profiteering. His newest edition of the bill would also cover long-term care, an unmet need for most middle-class families.Several independent studies of Medicare for All have estimated that it would dramatically increase government spending on health care, in the range of about $25 trillion to $35 trillion or more over a 10-year period. But a recent estimate from the Political Economy Research Institute at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst suggests that the cost could be much lower.Neera Tanden, president of the Center for American Progress Action Fund, noted the emphasis by most Medicare for All supporters on “multiple pathways” to universal coverage as a potential point of contrast and “fodder for debate” with Sanders. In the absence of former Vice-President Joe Biden, who has yet to launch a candidacy, Sanders is leading the Democratic field in early fundraising and campaigning as a front-runner.“I think it really matters what you say to voters. That’s the most important thing,” Tanden said. Her group has proposed a more robust version of the public option known as “Medicare for America,” which is supported by former Texas congressman and Democratic presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke.Earlier this year, a poll from the nonpartisan Kaiser Family Foundation found that Americans like the idea of Medicare for All but that support flips to disapproval if it would result in higher taxes or longer waits for care.The poll found initial support of 56% to 42%. But support fell to 26% when people were told Medicare for All could lead to delays in getting care and to 37% when they were told it could mean higher taxes.Elana Schor And Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, The Associated Press read more

PCCSL receives 30 complaints

The Press Complaints Commission of Sri Lanka (PCCSL) received 30 complaints during the first quarter of this year, the PCCSL said in its latest newsletter.Of the complaints, 16 were against Sinhala newspapers, 08 against Tamil newspapers and 2 against English newspapers. The PCCSL said it had also received 4 complaints which were not concerning newspapers. The PCCSL had received the most number of complaints during the first quarter of this year in the month of February  which was 15. Bound by the Editors’ Code, the PCCSL looks to resolve complaints in a fast, free and fair procedure. Of the complaints received during the first quarter the PCCSL said it had resolved 8 cases which is 61.50 percent of the complaints.The PCCSL provides a voluntary self regulatory method to resolve inaccuracies that may occur in newspapers, magazines, journals and online editions of newspapers. read more

Put people before profits UN urges in annual trade report

A combination of “too much debt and too little demand at the global level has hampered sustained expansion of the world economy,” said Mukhisa Kituyi, the Secretary-General of the UN Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), launching its 2017 Trade and Development Report.According to the report’s findings, growth this year is expected to reach 2.6 per cent, slightly higher than last year, but still well below the pre-financial crisis average of 3.2 per cent.Most regions are expected to register small gains, with Latin America exiting recession and posting the biggest turnaround, even if only at 1.2 per cent growth. The Eurozone is expected to see a 1.8 per cent growth while the United States could witness 2.1 per cent.However, with insufficient global demand, trade remains sluggish and only minor improvement is anticipated this year, primarily due to a recover in South-South trade (led by China).Furthermore, in the absence of a coordinated expansion led by the advanced economies, sustaining the limited global economic acceleration hinges on lasting improvements in emerging economies, noted UNICTAD. An ‘age of anxiety’ Further in the news release, UNCTAD reported that “debt explosion” and the rise of “super- elites” (loosely identified as the top 1 per cent) – two of the largest socioeconomic trends in recent times – could be linked through the deregulation of financial markets, to the widening ownership gap of financial assets and a fixation on short-term returns.“As such, inequality and instability are hard-wired into hyperglobalization [making] for a world with insufficient levels of productive investment, precarious jobs and weakening welfare provision,” it noted, adding:“This has become self-perpetuating, with the run-up to a crisis driven by the ‘great escape’ of top incomes, while their aftermath is marked by austerity and stagnating incomes at the bottom.”The report also examined other factors leading to growing anxiety, pointing to increased automation through employment of robotics as well as gender dimensions, including discrimination based on gender in the job market, as factors causing much worry in economies.It also warned that warns that failure to correct the excesses of hyperglobalization could not only jeopardize social cohesion but also diminishing trust in both markets as well as in political actors.A global new deal for the 21st century neededDrawing lessons from 1947, when the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade and the UN joined forces to rebalance the post-war global economy, the UNCTAD report called for an equally ambitious and collaborative effort to tackle the inequities of hyperglobalization to build inclusive and sustainable economies.“The successes of the New Deal of the 1930s in the United States owed much to its emphasis on counterbalancing powers and giving a voice to weaker groups in society, including consumer groups, workers’ organizations, farmers and the dispossessed poor,” said UNCTAD, stressing that the lesson still holds true today.“In today’s integrated global economy, governments will need to act together for any one country to achieve success,” it added, urging countries to seize the opportunity offered by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and put in place a “global new deal” for the twenty-first century. read more

New Chinese Ambassador pays courtesy call on Dr Jagdeo

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedBaroness Scotland pays courtesy call on Dr JagdeoMay 27, 2016In “latest news”New Israel Ambassador pays courtesy call on Opposition LeaderFebruary 25, 2016In “Local News”Chinese buyer reneged on paying US$5M debt – Dr JagdeoNovember 26, 2016In “latest news” The New Chinese Ambassador to Guyana, His Excellency Cui Jianchun yesterday paid a Courtesy Call on Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Dr. Bharrat Jagdeo, MP., at his Church Street, Queenstown office. The meeting entailed discussions on Guyana/China relations. read more

Onesta with 17 players to Krakow

EHF EURO 2016franceonesta ← Previous Story EHF EURO 2016 preview with Stefan Kretzschmar Next Story → Danes are ready for Polish challenge! French NT headcoach Claude Onesta announced the squad for the Men’s EHF EURO 2016 in Poland, where will the “Experts” start in Preliminary Group A against Macedonia, Serbia and Poland.French squad list:Goalkeepers : Thierry Omeyer (PSG), Vincent Gérard (Montpellier)Left wings : Samuel Honrubia (PSG), Michaël Guigou, (Montpellier)Left backs : Olivier Nyokas (Balingen), Daniel Narcisse (PSG), Théo Derot (Nantes)Playmakers : Nikola Karabatic (PSG), Kentin Mahé (Flensburg)Right backs : Valentin Porte (Toulouse), Nedim Remili (Créteil), Adrien Dipanda (Saint-Raphaël)Right wings: Luc Abalo (PSG), Benoit Kounkoud (PSG)Line players : Cédric Sorhaindo (Barcelone), Luka Karabatic (PSG), Ludovic Fabregas (Montpellier) read more

Tougher regulation of creches must be met with investment Early Childhood Ireland

first_imgBudget 2014 is the gateway to move towards an investment model of 1 per cent of GDP which is the minimum required and, while we can do this on a phased basis, we’ve got to make Budget 2014 a child friendly budget.Read: Cabinet approves tough new measures for crechesRead: Did you miss the Prime Time creche expose? Here’s what happened PLANS BY THE Minister for Children to impose stronger checks on pre-school childcare services are pointless without investment in the area, Early Childhood Ireland has said.The representative body of preschools in the country said that Frances Fitzgerald’s announcement this morning that creches will have to be registered and more heavily inspected was to be welcomed, but funding was needed to back up the plans.“In particular, we need a training transformation fund to support childcare professionals in attaining the minimum qualifications levels which will now be set for the first time with this draft legislation. Such a fund would subsidise recognized and accredited training programmes and incentivise the workforce to achieve higher qualifications,” said a statement from the organisation.The statement added that the upcoming Budget had to be catered towards children.“The stark reality today is that Irish investment in early childhood lags way behind our European partners at only 0.4 per cent of GDP, which includes expenditure for the early years of primary school.last_img read more

10 off 35 at Walmart 10 off NES and SNES Classic Consoles

first_imgToday Only – $10 off NES and Super NES Classic Consoles at WalmartThe first 50,000 people can get $10 off your Walmart order of $35 or more with coupon code “ELLEN10” as part of a promotion for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As of now the code is still live so pick up your favorite game (including preorder games).Use code “ELLEN10” and create a new account to get these prices:NES Classic at Walmart for $49.99 with Free 2-Day ShippingSNES Classic at Walmart for $69.96 with Free 2-Day Shipping Today Only – $10 off Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu or Eevee! BundlesWe reviewed this game and really like it! Miranda Sanchez writes “Powerful friends and new mechanics make for a delightful return to the Kanto region in Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu and Eevee”. Besides, if you really want this game, this looks to be the only way to get a discount for the bundle.Use code “ELLEN10” and create a new account to get these prices:Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! with Poke Ball Plus (Switch) for $89.99Pokemon: Let’s Go, Eevee! with Poke Ball Plus (Switch) for $89.99Pokemon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! for $49.88Pokemon: Let’s Go Eevee! for $49.98 Today Only – $10 off Your Order of $35 or More at WalmartThe first 50,000 people can get $10 off your Walmart order of $35 or more with coupon code “ELLEN10” as part of a promotion for The Ellen DeGeneres Show. As of now the code is still live so pick up your favorite game (including preorder games).Technically this code only works for new accounts. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT WHEN YOU CHECK OUT!Use code “ELLEN10” and create a new account during checkoutto get $10 off $35 at Walmart LEGO Ghostbusters 4,634-Piece Firehouse Headquarters for $279.99At this price you’re paying only 6 cents per brick for this fantastically awesome Ghostbusters themed set that normally sells for $350. The Firehouse opens up to reveal three stories of authentic goodness.Use code “ELLEN10” and create a new account to get this price:Get it at Walmart for $279.99 with Free 2-Day Shipping Buy an Amazon Echo Dot, Get a Free Amazon Fire TV Stick, or Vice VersaSince both products sell for $39.99, it doesn’t really matter. You essentially get 50% off when you buy these two as a bundle. If you were planning to pick this up, this bundle is way cheaper than buying them separately even on Black Friday.Get it in Black on Amazon for $39.98Get it in White for $39.98last_img read more

Watch Mexicos Popocatépetl Volcano Explodes in Largest Eruption in Years

first_img Mexico’s Popocatepetl volcano erupted late on Monday, hurling incandescent rock about 1.5 miles down its slopes and sending ash into the night sky near the nation’s capital.The explosion, one of the volcano’s largest eruptions in years, was heard from nearby communities and was loud enough to shake doors and windows of houses in the city of Puebla, according to local media.According to the Washington Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre (VAAC), the explosion at the volcano had taken place at 9:38 p.m. local time.Mexico’s National Centre for Disaster Prevention (CENAPRED) said the blast had sent a column of ash almost a mile (1.2 km) into the air.In a statement, the agency urged residents — especially the some 25 million who live within about 60 miles of the mountain’s crater — not to approach the volcano, because of the danger involved in the fall of ballistic fragments.#Popocatepetl habitantes asustados que habitan cerca del #volcan muestran la magnitud de la explosión momentos después del gran estruendo. #Popocatepetl #Puebla #Mexico @webcamsdemexico— Kren Feliz (@felizkren) March 19, 2019Video posted to Twitter (shown above) show rattled residents living in the vicinity of the volcano in the aftermath of the loud explosion.The 17,797-foot volcano has been particularly active in recent months, several times spewing out sprays of hot rock and towering clouds of ash, the Associated Press reported.The Mexican government has issued a Yellow Alert, which means people should prepare for a possible evacuation, although no such order is in place right now. No injuries were reported from the Monday night explosion.Popocatépetl is considered the most threatening volcano in North America, in terms of explosive activity and population threat. Its current low- or moderate-scale eruptive behavior can switch relatively quickly to a large, catastrophic Plinian eruption, the largest and most violent of all the types of volcanic eruptions, according to the volcanologists at the National History Museum.More on Scientists Explode Lava to Study Volcanoes35 Incredible Images of Earth’s Volcanoes and Mountains From SpaceStrange ‘Whirlpool Hole’ in the Sky Spotted Over UAE and Oman Man Critically Injured After Falling Down Volcano on HoneymoonAstronauts Capture Incredible Photo of Volcanic Eruption From Space Stay on targetlast_img read more

Ruben LoftusCheek delighted with Maurizio Sarris Chelsea

first_imgRuben Loftus-Cheek has acknowledged that his club’s manager Maurizo Sarrri is helping him to improve, stating that he is happy with “good, healthy competition” at Chelsea.The 22-year-old has shattered Chelsea’s record and carved a record niche for himself by being the first English player to score European hat-trick for Chelsea in 47 years.Loftus-Cheek revealed how Sarri would remind him of his position during his match-winning performance.“He’s always trying to help me, defensively and position-wise,” Loftus-Cheek told Sky Sports News.When asked if Sarri had an impact on him, he said:“Definitely, but I’ll always improve as a player day by day, technically and tactically from training. The more I play the better I’ll get as well.“My target at the moment is to get my positioning right and the rest will come after that.”Maurizio Sarri, JuventusMaurizio Sarri satisfied despite Juventus’ draw at Fiorentina Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Maurizio Sarri was satisfied with Juventus’ performance on Saturday afternoon after finishing a tough game at Fiorentina 0-0.“It’s good, healthy competition,” Loftus-Cheek added.“We’re doing so well at the moment, that competition really drives the team.“That’s why we’ve been doing so well because everyone wants to do well in training – training is so sharp. We’re all so effective in training it brings the best out of the team. No complaints on that and we keep that going.”On whether he would be disappointed if he did not start against Burnley on Sunday, Loftus-Cheek said:“I’m not thinking about that. Right now, it’s to get my recovery in – my hamstrings are feeling it a bit.”last_img read more

Pendleton Woolen Mills hires new CEO

first_imgPendleton Woolen Mills Inc. has a new chief executive officer charged with continuing to build its position as an American heritage brand.President Mort Bishop III announced Mondaythat the Pendleton board has appointed Mark Korros, 61, as CEO of the Portland-based firm, which operates a woolen mill in Washougal.Korros most recently served as CEO and president of Seattle-based Filson, an outdoor clothing company. He succeeds Bill Lawrence, who served as Pendleton’s CEO for two years and will remain on board through the transition.Korros has a background in brand development, along with experience in product merchandising, direct marketing, e-commerce, and retail and wholesale sales. Prior to Filson, Korros served as president at Samsonite and FranklinCovey. He also has held senior executive positions at Reebok, Levenger and Healthtex Childrenswear.last_img read more

Commuter flight makes emergency water landing outside Juneau all occupants unharmed

first_imgAn Alaska Seaplanes aircraft makes its way to Juneau in June 2107. (Abbey Collins)A plane on its way from Skagway to Juneau made an emergency water landing Monday morning. Everyone on board the aircraft swam safely to shore.Listen nowHaines resident Luck Dunbar was one of them.“Well there you are, you’re sitting there thinking ‘This is it.  This is it. Here we go,’” Dunbar recounted.Dunbar boarded the Alaska Seaplanes flight around 5:30 a.m. Monday. The plane flew from Haines to Skagway to pick up three more passengers. Then, it headed for Juneau.Dunbar is a commercial fisherman who was on his way to Sitka to get his boat. Once on board the flight, he took a nap. He woke up to what he describes as the engine making an unusual noise.Soon after, Dunbar said the plane started to descend early. He asked the pilot what was going on.“He pointed over by Coghlan Island and he said ‘I think we’re going to lay her down over here,’” Dunbar said.According to the Alaska State Troopers, the pilot was Haines resident Joshua Poirier.Poirier declared an emergency following an engine failure. That’s according to a press release form Seaplanes General Manager Carl Ramseth.The troopers say Poirier made an emergency landing in the ocean, about 150 ft. from Coughlan Island.Dunbar said after hitting the water, they were able to keep the plane upright.“Josh, the pilot, did an amazing job,” Dunbar said. “He kept the nose up. We hit the water as slow as that plane could fly. Still keeping the nose up. By the time the nose hit we had lost enough momentum where we didn’t flip the plane.”Then, they exited the aircraft.“I opened the door without a problem,” Dunbar said. “Opened it up wide, reached down to unbuckle. There was water going up my arm pretty quick. I got unbuckled. I looked back, everyone was scrambling, doing their thing to get out of the plane. The back door opened. The pilot opened his door, I opened my door. Everybody scrambled, got out of the plane.”All four passengers and Poirier swam to shore.“We swam and swam and swam,” Dunbar said. “Not going to lie, by the time I got to the beach I was pretty exhausted. I had too many layers on. I was feeling pretty heavy, feeling pretty blessed to just relax and have my feet touch the sand of the beach of Coughlan Island.”According to the troopers, an Alaska Seaplanes aircraft equipped with floats responded to the scene and retrieved the four passengers. Poirier stayed on the beach and was later picked up by Coastal Helicopters.All of the passengers and the pilot were assessed by Capitol City Fire/Rescue and were released with no injuries.Troopers say the plane that went down was a Cessna T207 on wheels. Its last airworthiness certificate was issued by the FAA in September 2015. It is set to expire in about a year. The National Transportation Safety Board and Alaska Seaplanes are working together to determine the cause of the accident.Ramseth commended Poirier’s actions in the incident.Dunbar thanked the airline, and credits Poirier for the success of the rescue.“He did an amazing job,” Dunbar said. “He instructed us on exactly what to do at the proper time. We wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for Josh.”Alaska Seaplanes is based in Juneau and operates daily flights to communities in Southeast Alaska. Seaplanes gained a monopoly on its market after competitor Wings of Alaska shut down in March.Dunbar said this incident has not deterred him from flying.“I’ll be flying happily for the rest of my life knowing that can’t happen twice, right?” Dunbar said.In fact, Dunbar got on another Seaplanes flight to finish his trip to Sitka the same day.Update: This story has been updated with an interview from plane passenger Luck Dunbar. It also has been corrected with the correct spelling of Coghlan Island.last_img read more

Attack on Titan PhotoOp ATM Comes to Tokyos Nakano Broadway

first_img The Best Anime On HuluThis Might Be Attack On Titan’s Goriest Moment Of The Series So Far A photo opportunity at an ATM may seem taboo, but Japan has embraced the idea with the installation of an Attack on Titan-themed ATM in the Nakano Broadway shopping center. Nakano Broadway is one of Tokyo’s premiere stops for pop culture, anime, manga, and other otaku merchandise. In contrast to the Akihabara scene, Nakano Broadway shops tend to focus on rare and vintage pieces. This means there’s no telling just how much cash you’ll need if you find that one item you’ve been looking for as a centerpiece to your collection.In recognition of the shopping center’s anime and manga-centric focus and the launch of the second season of the hit anime, Seven Bank has updated the area around their ATM installation with an Attack on Titan motif. Above the ATM you can see Eren and Levi with swords drawn, but the coolest feature comes from the seemingly innocuous hole painted on the wall.via the hole is a sign warning, “Beware of Titans in the vicinity.”If you place your feet on the shoe prints on the floor and take a photo of the wall with the flash on, you’ll suddenly see the image of a titan.The Attack on Titan scene is scheduled to adorn the Seven Bank ATM until June 30. If you happen to be in the Tokyo area between now and then you can locate the ATM at the following address:Seven Bank ATM / セブン銀行ATMAddress: Tokyo-to, Nakano-ku, Nakano 5-52-15, Nakano Broadway basement level 1東京都中野区中野5町目52-15中野ブロードウェイB1Open 10 a.m.-8 p.m.Attack on Titan Season 2 is airing simulcast right now in North America and Japan, so if you don’t mind the subs, you can experience it right now. Stay on targetlast_img read more

Jeff Bridges to Bring Back The Dude for the Super Bowl –

first_imgWhen Jeff Bridges tweeted the imminent return of his most popular character “The Dude” recently, Big Lebowski fans’ heads were spinning like bowling balls. “Can’t be living in the past, man. Stay tuned” was the simple message accompanying a video of Bridges in costume. However, there’s been a twist in the tale which brings him face to face with another iconic ‘90s character.Jeff Bridges speaking at the 2017 San Diego Comic-Con International in San Diego, California. Photo by Gage Skidmore CC BY-SA 3.0Stella Artois have turned out to be behind the Dude’s reappearance. Its new TV spot sees cinema’s ultimate slacker enter a bar to order a drink. But not his usual White Russian (vodka, coffee liqueur, cream and ice).This time he’s on the Stella, which he amusingly mispronounces. Yet the person who came in before him knows all the brands and exactly how to pronounce them.Stars Julianne Moore and Jeff Bridges at the 2011 Lebowski Fest. Photo by Joe Poletta CC BY-SA 2.0Sarah Jessica Parker has reprised her role of Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and The City to cross paths with the original Jeffrey Lebowski. When he sits at the table next to hers, she compliments him on his choice of tipple.As anticipated, it’s to play during the upcoming Super Bowl on February 3rd. The initial teaser featured the date at the end of the clip.Sarah Jessica Parker. Photo by MiamiFilmFestival CC BY-SA 2.0“Careful man, there’s a beverage here!” tweeted the veteran actor when unveiling the new production, one of many famous lines from the 1998 film which celebrated its 20th anniversary last year.Written and directed by the Coen Brothers, the movie became a major cult favorite. It even gave rise to a religion known as “Dudeism.” Bridges supplied his own clothes to create the Dude’s much-copied look. The character was based on Jeff Dowd, a movie marketer and co-founder of the Sundance Film Festival.Joel and Ethan Coen. Photo by Georges Biard CC BY-SA 3.0The star is certainly happy to be linked to the role. In January, when being presented with the Cecil B. DeMille Award at the Golden Globes, he commented “If I’m lucky, I’ll be associated with the Dude for the rest of my life. I feel so honored to be a part of that film.”Those who hoped Bridges’ was heralding a Big Lebowski sequel remain disappointed. He has expressed interest in playing the part again, though prospects of a Part 2 seem remote.Jeff Bridges, John Goodman and Steve Buscemi in a scene from the movie The Big Lebowski. Photo by Mondadori Portfolio via Getty ImagesIn 2014 a hoax circulated that a second movie was in production which would feature Bill Murray as the Dude’s brother. As reported by WENN, even Bridges believed the news. “There was a pretty good rumor going around recently that got me; I was excited! I had to call my agent and say, ‘Hey, what’s happening?’ (He said), ‘No, it’s just rumors.’”However there is a glimmer of hope for aficionados to cling to. Co-star John Turturro has remade 1974 crime comedy Going Places, and in an unusual move is resurrecting Jesus Quintana for the main character. The film is set for release this year and is recognized as an official part of the Lebowski universe.As for Sarah Jessica Parker, she last played Carrie Bradshaw in 2010’s Sex and The City 2. Based on Candace Bushnell’s book, the TV series ran from 1998 to 2004.What drew her to the Stella Artois ad and a run in with the Dude? It turns out both actors were brought to the table by the involvement of, a charity co-founded by Matt Damon (who worked with Bridges on the Coens’ True Grit).With purchases of Stella going toward the promotion of clean water and sanitation in the developing world, the decision was a no brainer for Parker.Read another story from us:  Jeff Dowd: The Real “Dude” who Inspired The Big Lebowski!Speaking to Elite Daily, she remarked, “I found their work not just important but urgent, life-changing, life-altering so it became incredibly easy for me to say yes — not only that, but to feel privileged to be a part of it. I just think it was clever to take these two characters who have these associations with these drinks and show them making this very simple switch.”The high profile spot looks like it’s going to inspire a lot more than just half time refreshment.last_img read more

Guatemala top prosecutor Thelma Aldana speaks out against corruption and impunity

first_imgWASHINGTON, D.C. – In the end, Thelma Esperanza Aldana Hernández de López surprised everyone.The 60-year-old magistrate, appointed in May 2014 by then-President Otto Pérez Molina as Guatemala’s attorney general, was viewed at the time with deep suspicion by those upset over the ouster of her left-leaning predecessor, Claudia Paz y Paz – who had tried unsuccessfully to prosecute former dictator Efraín Ríos Montt for genocide.“Her appointment is likely to take the judicial system in crime-ridden Guatemala in a new – and potentially backward – direction,” warned The Economist in a May 22, 2014, editorial.Analysts predicted that Aldana would “roll back recent gains against corruption and human rights violations,” while InsightCrime fretted that Pérez Molina’s selection of Aldana “raises fears of a return to impunity after four years of judicial reform.”In fact, exactly the opposite happened.Thanks largely to Aldana’s investigation into a massive tax and customs scandal known as La Línea, the disgraced Pérez Molina now sits in jail, facing charges – along with former Vice President Roxana Baldetti – of “being part of a criminal organization, with the purpose of defrauding the state.” Prosecutors say both received 50 percent of the profits of the complex operation, in which customs officials gave importers reduced rates at ports and borders in return for bribes.And Guatemala, Central America’s largest country in population, is being held up as the region’s poster child for standing up to official corruption.“Guatemala today is viewed as a positive example not just for Latin America, but for the whole world,” said Felipe Bosch Gutiérrez, president of the nonprofit, pro-business Foundation for the Development of Guatemala (FUNDESA). “This has helped us commit ourselves to the future of our country.” Felipe Bosch Gutiérrez, president of the Foundation for the Development of Guatemala (FUNDESA), speaks Nov. 6, 2015 at Washington’s Wilson Center on “Fighting Corruption and Impunity in Guatemala.” Larry Luxner/The Tico TimesOn Friday, Aldana, Bosch and U.S. State Department official Francisco Palmieri shared the podium at Washington’s Woodrow Wilson Center for a conference titled “Fighting Corruption and Impunity in Guatemala” and attended by more than 150 people.“For far too long, endemic corruption has undermined the progress Guatemalans are making towards their future. This year, we’ve seen a commitment to fight corruption and impunity – led not by the government but by the Guatemalan people and their dedication to the rule of law, accountability and peaceful protest,” said Palmieri, U.S. deputy assistant secretary of state for Central America and the Caribbean.Praising Aldana as a “giant, a woman of personal courage and moral clarity who is doing what must be done” to save her country, Palmieri said her dedication and hard work “shows that Guatemala can begin a new tradition of integrity and public service, but she does this work at great personal risk” – as do many other officials, “unnamed and unknown, who are championing the fight against corruption and impunity.”A backlog of 1.4 million casesAldana said that when she took over as attorney general nearly a year and a half ago, she found a backlog of 1.4 million cases and not enough money to resolve even a tiny fraction of them. She also said the support of the United Nations International Commission Against Impunity (known by its Spanish acronym CICIG) – an entity Pérez Molina had tried to get rid of – was absolutely critical in bringing the president down.“Detractors said CICIG was meddling in Guatemala’s internal affairs,” Aldana argued, “but that cannot be, because it was the government itself that asked the U.N. in 2006 to install this commission – which was designed by Guatemalans following guidelines bases on an assessment of Guatemala’s needs.”Aldana, who was named a Supreme Court magistrate in 2009, complained that since 2012, the annual budget of the Prosecutor’s Office has been kept steady at $115 million – even though yearly requests for allocations to the office have climbed from $171 million to $211 million in the past four years.“Now we’re practically at year’s end, and millions of quetzals are owed to the Prosecutor’s Office,” Aldana said. “Instead, we should be strengthening institutions in the judicial sector. There’s deficient access to public information that citizens have a right to know. Hiding this information favors corruption.”According to the Guatemala-based Instituto Centroamericano de Estudios Fiscales (ICEFI), corruption cost the country more than $530 million in 2015 – equivalent to the budget of the attorney general’s office for the last four years.“We have one million primary school students without notebooks, 500,000 pregnant women not getting pre-natal care, 300,000 mothers not getting child care and 5,000 high-school scholarships that haven’t been distributed,” Aldana said. “So in that context, anyone would understand and justify the need for the government in 2006 to request the presence of an international commission against impunity in Guatemala.” Guatemala ex-President Otto Pérez Molina appeared nervous and tired during a corruption hearing in Guatemala City, on Sept. 8, 2015. Johan Ordóñez/AFPIn the end, CICIG’s help proved invaluable when it came to wiretaps and protection of witnesses.Aldana said that so far this year, her office – along with CICIG – has carried out more than 720 searches in order to seize material, as well as 93 “high-level” arrests.“The transfer of capabilities from CICIG to prosecutors in the attorney general’s office is happening in an orderly fashion,” she said. “In April, I inaugurated the Office of the Special Prosecutor Against Corruption. We’ve received great support from USAID [U.S. Agency for International Development] and have worked on joint training processes so that prosecutors can have better techniques to investigate drug trafficking and organized crime.”Aldana’s La Línea investigation alone involved 88,920 wiretaps, 5,900 intercepted emails and 175,000 documents – many of which are still being analyzed.“These wiretaps revealed a network of corruption, a powerful criminal organization made up of high-level, mid-level and low-level officials, both within the tax administration and an outside structure as well,” she said. “We saw how, over the course of 20 weeks, Guatemalans took to the main plazas to demonstrate, and one way or another to show support for the joint work being done by the attorney general’s office and the international community.”On May 8, as protests grew louder and louder, Baldetti resigned as vice president. On Sept. 2, Pérez Molina stepped down, was arraigned in court and then taken immediately to a military prison, where he awaits justice.“For the first time in Guatemala’s history, the president had his immunity stripped,” Aldana said. “The press played a crucial role in this, clearly naming those who had engaged in acts of corruption. There was general amazement that the person who had been elected by the people to run the country was precisely the leader of a criminal organization to defraud the state.”Aldana, who’s racked up more than 70 awards and honors for her judicial work over the years, called the dramatic events of 2015 a “new democratic spring for Guatemala” and expressed the hope that the judges involved in the ex-president’s upcoming trial “will show independence and act with transparency.”“If the next administration really wants to strengthen the public ministries and judicial institutions, then we are very close,” she said. “But if there’s no political will, then it’ll be difficult for institutions to be able to operate adequately.”During the Q&A that followed Aldana’s talk, someone asked whether President-elect Jimmy Morales – who declared his support for CICIG during the election campaign – is likely to keep his hands clean after taking office on Jan. 14, 2016.“We have to see the team that will accompany Jimmy Morales when he takes office, and the Cabinet he’s going to appoint,” Aldana responded. “We hope all those he designates are honest people and not corrupt. This would be the first sign that the president-elect is committed to the anti-corruption campaign. Guatemalans will be looking closely to see that he’s not corrupt, or a thief.”Asked by someone else if she had any advice for other Central American countries beset with corruption, Aldana said it wasn’t her place to comment on Guatemala’s neighbors.But FUNDESA’s Bosch, noting that he’s not a public official, was happy to comment.“What other countries should do is say ‘enough is enough’ and begin to have public demonstrations and expressions of popular will,” the businessman advised. “In addition to bad politicians, there are many good ones as well – and they need to be motivated to join such efforts.” Facebook Comments Related posts:In Guatemala, Pérez Molina claims US conspiracy behind corruption prosecution UPDATE: Guatemala’s former Vice President Baldetti arrested in ongoing corruption probe; President also likely involved, investigators say Guatemala prosecutor confident President Pérez Molina will be removed from office, charged with graft Presidential downfall: How Guatemala’s Otto Pérez Molina fell from grace and what it means for upcoming electionslast_img read more

USA visitor revival continues to be Aussie tourisms surprise success

first_img440,900 6.      Japan 3.      USA 5.      Singapore 422,800 USA visitor revival continues to be Aussie tourism’s surprise success storyChina is set to overtake New Zealand for the first time as Australia’s biggest source of international visitors within months if current trends continue, while the incredible resurgence of travellers from the USA continues to be this year’s surprise success story, the Tourism & Transport Forum said today.TTF Chief Executive, Margy Osmond, said the latest Overseas Arrival Data (OAD) released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics today shows international arrivals grew 9.2 per cent in the year to May 2017, to a record 8.49 million visitors over the past 12 months.“While we all expected China would take out the top spot by the end of the year, it seems likely that might occur sooner rather than later with China now within a whisker of overtaking New Zealand as our single biggest overseas visitor market,” Ms Osmond said.“However, while all eyes are focused on the tussle between New Zealand and China, the USA has quietly asserted itself as one of our best performing and lucrative markets.“Since the US grabbed the number three spot from the UK in March 2017 it has continued to go from strength to strength, with a record 744,800 American visitors to our shores over the past 12 months.“Percentage wise, the biggest mover in the top 20 has been Vietnam, with international arrivals 27.6 per cent higher in the year to May 2017 compared to the year to May 2016. This represents an extra 16,800 Vietnamese arrivals over the past 12 months“Growth in international tourism continues to be dominated by our top 20 markets, with 86 per cent of the total growth in the year to May 2017 coming from our top 20 international markets.” 2.8% 3.1% 11.4% 14.1% 10.    Hong Kong Source = Tourism & Transport Forum Country of Origin 4.      UK 261,000 10.0% 1,355,600 8.      South Korea 395,700 Arrivals (12 months to May 2017) 4.7% 14.9% 15.3% 13.5% 7.      Malaysia 1.      New Zealand 292,700 Increase/Decrease 9.      India 2.      China 274,500 726,600 1,239,300 10.8% 744,800last_img read more