Discussion how to increase the amount included in the site

had said the new station many times or because the content is too small, continuous updates to search engine on the website of the degree of attention. Love Shanghai, Google, 360, Sogou search engine, all love the original article, especially love quantitative timing publish original articles website. Go every day, not long time, website snapshot, included the amount you will rapidly rising.

search engine submission > active

We know that

production site map

site without static, dynamic URL will lead to too long, dynamic page access speed is too slow and may duplicate page. Can not set the above three kinds of circumstances will cause not easy to search engine crawling crawling and identification problem. Which website in poor condition. It is worth mentioning that, if you use dream weaving system realize the static and pseudo static, page open speed is really fast. It is best to station static, if there is no way to generate static, pseudo static or use. read more

Shanghai Longfeng lifetime learning method

learning, also need to constantly improve the skills. Sharp tools make good work。 If you do not understand the code, then you are not a station, the station optimization is not very good, to learn some common language; how to make a website to learn some other necessary skills.

Shanghai Longfeng learning to actively help many friends. Shanghai Longfeng internal optimization, study on their own skills, ability based learning based on it, while the external optimization, such as the increase of the chain, exchange Links, you need to know some people. This is a long process of accumulation. I always appreciate the practice of Mou Changqing. Share some resources in their own blog, gathered disciples. read more

How to enhance the daily work of Shanghai dragon skills novice webmaster

first, you should first understand the theoretical basis of knowledge of the Shanghai dragon. Every day we are close and the Internet " " contact, such as search Shanghai dragon, first understand what is the Shanghai based dragon concept? Then, what is the principle of Shanghai dragon? How search engines crawl, collection, indexing, sorting website look at these contents, the author found that many friends about the Shanghai dragon is very a contemptuous disregard said content and the chain, do not understand the basic knowledge, but others say what they will do what others may make effect, your solution has been untied, why your ranking will not go? Based on the basic knowledge of OK., only understand the basic principle, you can understand. The article how to send the chain to send the chain? What kind of effective to attract the search engine spiders to crawl the page. read more

Small love Shanghai right down the site is K after feeling

can also mentioned in the blog website, recently moved house. Later because of the space use CDN unstable and replaced the original IP! Went back and forth several times, that can not move back to it… But in the early days of the blog unfortunately provoke love Shanghai is not happy, it is home to K! Just when I want to find the time to move, then the article did not update, estimation is a normal phenomenon! Since behind read the blog of Lu Songsong slowly think this situation there may be other reasons, this is the reason I came to Lu Songsong from a few blog is love Shanghai right down and treatment measures (I should learn from them, or something useful to you?), as follows: read more

Shanghai Longfeng analysis of advantages and disadvantages of using iframe framework

: a disadvantage

now all search engines can not identify the page in the ifram framework called links, text, pictures and so on, the reason is very simple because the content is not included in the page, only when the user access is a temporary call, and the engine in Shanghai love search optimization only we can see. "The frame/frameset/iframe tag, will lead to love Shanghai spider crawling difficulties, not recommended". So you can clearly see that the drawbacks of the.

we need to understand what is the framework of iframe read more

Some factors that influence the ranking of keywords love Shanghai


are still saying that content is king, the chain for the emperor. The chain for the love of Shanghai keywords ranking also has a great influence. The chain is mainly divided into two factors, one is the quality and quantity of the chain is the chain of another. Say you want to search webmaster exchange, in Shanghai in the search process has 10000 links to A5, there are 5000 Web links to Shanghai dragon why so in love this keyword ranking webmaster communication in Shanghai is A5 why rely on the former than Shanghai dragon. About the quality of the chain basically is to see this website outside the chain of the PR, the weight, the higher the quality of Shanghai would love to give him a higher ranking. read more

The use of pseudo static pages generated a large number of repeat included

is not rigorous there are a lot of duplicate page address, in the search engine update link crawling more accuracy, formed a lot of similar pages are not indexed; not indexed page optimization problems in the past included system, as a malicious competitor was an opportunity, internal links can be. Good control links, but may be outside the station by malicious attackers, resulting in a large number of repeat included the same link entrance, so as to reduce the weight to the entire site.

clear logical structure to be read, avoid conflict rules do not affect each other to achieve module; open source CMS personalized custom rewriting format, is conducive to the website and is not easy to exploit scale. read more