Business and advertising is love or lascivious pleasureTest water to pay by effect sh419 platform

      and Alibaba group relying on e-commerce platform to the Internet advertising platform layout in contrast, relying on network advertising sh419 began to e-commerce layout.

according to different customer needs, such as by the effect of accounting method is various, and the popular Internet Movie is concerned about the popularity of the software terminal rate, so download and install the software is an effective behavior; and for MySpace like social networking sites, the number of users is valued, every time through advertising brings the user registration form an effective behavior. read more

A major revision introduced # tag mechanism to achieve the accurate classification of search results

since its launch in 2006, has been in all aspects of doing different things, but to give people the feeling is still tepid. The introduction of "> tag

news: # portal | # | # mainstream media newspaper | # foreign media

: # | # tourism travel travel information

Video: # video | # movie download | # Nora

At present, these labels are

: # shopping online purchase price | # | # | #

NetEase today Youdao search had a facelift, the internal codename "Tanggula" version of both the page or function has obvious changes. Just open the page you will find that it has made great adjustment in terms of color and style, one of the most attractive may be the red bar with the mouse. read more

Some opinions about the development direction of the Shanghai Dragon

Shanghai dragon is a technology, when a chain, when writing the content of the deep will feel this truth, the Shanghai Dragon technology will use a big data to convince you, will use the actual test results and you will use to contrast, knowledge more and you do data analysis love, analysis Shanghai knowledge, analysis of nobility baby knowledge, technology and so on, the categories of Shanghai dragon love to get maximum benefits with fewer things, technical categories of Shanghai Longfeng love to do their own analysis, for example, the most simple modification of the website program, that will be part of what structure, flow changes membership changes, etc.. read more

Leading Shanghai into the dragon people service can big line in the world

    Shanghai dragon from the date of birth, the service is many webmaster, of course, with the development of the Internet, the user experience has been more on the agenda and pay attention to it, but most of the Shanghai dragon Er are still unavoidable for Shanghai and Shanghai dragon dragon, but the more is a kind of habit. The consequences, such as love is accompanied by the Shanghai new algorithm adjusted the ruthless Waterloo. One day will eventually rank but is a group of loyal users as trassient as a fleeting cloud, is the fundamental to the long-term development of the site. The Shanghai dragon Er optimization object is not the same, so the user experience and the conversion rate without a large overall standard, but do not do not act with undue haste yo, implement the optimization of each keyword, each ranking rise is user contribution, pro, do you feel? read more

Mother site soft writing skills you will see it again

must now Baoma group with pictures, more and more young, they used to the fast consumer information model, prefer to browse pictures. If the article was full of large blocks of text, then it is easy to lose their interest in reading the text, appropriate collocation, better able to make the article by reading forward. If you can, according to the best theme with some real photos. For example, a treasure mom medical articles, you can do with physical examination; the baby food supplement, can practice with flow chart; the confinement of articles, but also can be accompanied during the month of life map. I want this picture alive, is essential. read more

Discussion how to increase the amount included in the site

had said the new station many times or because the content is too small, continuous updates to search engine on the website of the degree of attention. Love Shanghai, Google, 360, Sogou search engine, all love the original article, especially love quantitative timing publish original articles website. Go every day, not long time, website snapshot, included the amount you will rapidly rising.

search engine submission > active

We know that

production site map

site without static, dynamic URL will lead to too long, dynamic page access speed is too slow and may duplicate page. Can not set the above three kinds of circumstances will cause not easy to search engine crawling crawling and identification problem. Which website in poor condition. It is worth mentioning that, if you use dream weaving system realize the static and pseudo static, page open speed is really fast. It is best to station static, if there is no way to generate static, pseudo static or use. read more

Shanghai Longfeng lifetime learning method

learning, also need to constantly improve the skills. Sharp tools make good work。 If you do not understand the code, then you are not a station, the station optimization is not very good, to learn some common language; how to make a website to learn some other necessary skills.

Shanghai Longfeng learning to actively help many friends. Shanghai Longfeng internal optimization, study on their own skills, ability based learning based on it, while the external optimization, such as the increase of the chain, exchange Links, you need to know some people. This is a long process of accumulation. I always appreciate the practice of Mou Changqing. Share some resources in their own blog, gathered disciples. read more

How to enhance the daily work of Shanghai dragon skills novice webmaster

first, you should first understand the theoretical basis of knowledge of the Shanghai dragon. Every day we are close and the Internet " " contact, such as search Shanghai dragon, first understand what is the Shanghai based dragon concept? Then, what is the principle of Shanghai dragon? How search engines crawl, collection, indexing, sorting website look at these contents, the author found that many friends about the Shanghai dragon is very a contemptuous disregard said content and the chain, do not understand the basic knowledge, but others say what they will do what others may make effect, your solution has been untied, why your ranking will not go? Based on the basic knowledge of OK., only understand the basic principle, you can understand. The article how to send the chain to send the chain? What kind of effective to attract the search engine spiders to crawl the page. read more

Small love Shanghai right down the site is K after feeling

can also mentioned in the blog website, recently moved house. Later because of the space use CDN unstable and replaced the original IP! Went back and forth several times, that can not move back to it… But in the early days of the blog unfortunately provoke love Shanghai is not happy, it is home to K! Just when I want to find the time to move, then the article did not update, estimation is a normal phenomenon! Since behind read the blog of Lu Songsong slowly think this situation there may be other reasons, this is the reason I came to Lu Songsong from a few blog is love Shanghai right down and treatment measures (I should learn from them, or something useful to you?), as follows: read more

Shanghai Longfeng analysis of advantages and disadvantages of using iframe framework

: a disadvantage

now all search engines can not identify the page in the ifram framework called links, text, pictures and so on, the reason is very simple because the content is not included in the page, only when the user access is a temporary call, and the engine in Shanghai love search optimization only we can see. "The frame/frameset/iframe tag, will lead to love Shanghai spider crawling difficulties, not recommended". So you can clearly see that the drawbacks of the.

we need to understand what is the framework of iframe read more