6 Steps to Turn Insecurity Into Growth.

first_img Share Sharing is caring! Share Tweet Sharecenter_img LifestyleRelationships 6 Steps to Turn Insecurity Into Growth. by: – July 4, 2011 37 Views   no discussions By Johanna Lyman for GalTime.comI’ve noticed lately that lots of people have the idea that feeling insecure is a character flaw.  While it’s true that we don’t value insecurity as a positive thing in our society, it may be worthwhile to re-evaluate that position.Insecurity is simply a part of the human condition.  Many famous people have both suffered from it and commented on it over the years.  One of my favorite quotes came from Georgia O’Keefe.  She said,  “I’ve been absolutely terrified every day of my life, but I’ve never let it stop me from doing a single thing.”  Eleanor Roosevelt recommended doing “one thing every day that frightens you.”  But others, like Carly Simon, let their insecurity cripple them for years.How can you make the shift from being crippled (or at least stunted) by your insecurity into a place of acknowledging it and even learning from it?  I think it’s important to make that shift in all areas of your life so you can live fully. When it comes to your  romantic relationships, facing your insecurities is a powerful tool for growth.  Here are some steps you can take to face your insecurites head on and use them to help you grow.1. Take an honest look at your insecurities.  What are your triggers?  Do you tend to feel more insecure in business situations or interpersonal interactions?  Identify the “what” first:  what are you insecure about?  For example, let’s say you’re insecure about your partner’s willingness to be faithful. 2. For each insecurity, ask yourself “why.”  Can you remember the first time you felt this way?  Can you remember something one of your parents, siblings or other important people in your life may have said to install that insecurity?  For example, perhaps one of your parents cheated and you felt the effect it had on your other parent (and the family in general).3. You will invariably find proof that this insecurity plays out in your life.  Instead, look for examples when it didn’t.  Continuing with our example, have you ever had a partner be faithful for any length of time?  This is a powerful opportunity to shift.  The Law of Attraction tells us that we always attract into our life what we think and feel about the most often; you are the one responsible for shifting your thoughts and feelings from expecting your partner to cheat to expecting him or her to remain faithful.4. Look for clues to your part in the dynamic that creates your insecurity, and commit to changing your own behaviors.  For example, are you overly suspicious or controlling about where your partner goes?  You can’t make someone cheat, but you can certainly drive someone away with obsessive, controlling behavior like that.5. Decide to embrace the insecurity:  it’s there in an attempt to keep you safe.  In our example, your subconscious mind believes that being suspicious and controlling will prevent you from getting hurt by a cheating partner.  Take a moment to thank your subconscious mind for trying to keep you safe.6. Decide how you want to replace the insecurity.  The great thing about being an adult is that you get to choose your thoughts and beliefs.  Instead of fearing that your partner will cheat, what if you decided to attract someone faithful?last_img read more

Nine men to date before you marry

first_img 63 Views   no discussions Share MANY experts believe that before you can identify ‘Mr Right’ you have to first know who ‘Mr Wrong’ is, as this will help you know exactly what you want when you finally decide to settle down. This experimenting should also help you to enjoy your marriage without looking back at what could have been with someone else.“We are not saying that women should sleep with all of these men, we are saying you should go out with them and get to know the type of person who comes with a certain package,” said 37-year-old Samantha C, who has been married for 11 years.“I have friends who regret getting married because they feel if they had settled with X person instead of their husbands, their lives would be better. So I believe you need to know who is who in order to enjoy your marriage and in order to prevent lusting.”Counsellor David Anderson said experimenting doesn’t necessarily mean forming serious bonds with each person, but knowing what each type of person brings to the table.“Then you will be able to separate the wheat from the chaff,” he said.So who are some of the men you should date before you get married?1. The bad boyMany women are attracted to the ‘bad boy’ type as they feel the need to be protected while also loving the challenge and the hope of changing them.“He makes her feel very special and she is fascinated by him, and she feels needed,” psychologist Dr Leahcim Semaj explained. “She will try to change him because no matter how bad a man is, there are women who will feel they can turn them around. The woman feels that once he experiences her, he can’t go back.”So instead of sitting back and wondering if this is the man for you, date him and see just how far you are willing to go, and you may just realise that the bad boy isn’t for you after all.2. The unemployedHe may not have steady income, but is quite willing to cook, clean, wash and care for your every other need. Many women swear they wouldn’t mind this type of relationship, and so from this guy you may learn to survive on nothing — or not!3. The entertainerMany women love to be in the limelight and an entertainer provides just that, even with the groupies. From this guy you will learn whether or not you love life in the fast lane or if you are the laid back, easygoing, behind the scenes type.4. The mama’s boyThey are out there, and yes they need love too, and not just from their mamas. The only trouble there, is that you will never be his number one — his mama will! Date this guy and you will discover whether you’re willing to play second fiddle, or not.5. The athlete/body builderHe is all about fitness, health and having a superb body. In fact, he turns you on just by looking at him. His Asafa body is one you want to show off to your friends and have them gawk, but he may be more looks than brains and possibly cannot hold a conversation. Date this guy to get rid of your lustful feelings for Adonis bodies.6. The workaholicHe is all about work, work and more work, so much so that you literally have to make an appointment in order to get a date with him. And he tells you plainly that it’s his job that comes first since it pays the bills. Date this guy who will let you appreciate the wonders of just living life by the seat of your pants, rather than tied to a desk. He will teach you not to focus so much on the material things in life.7. The intellectualBeing intelligent is good, great in fact! Imagine this guy who will whisper sweet Plato-isms in your ear, and who will quote Shakespeare at the drop of a hat. He will engage your mind and the promise of intelligent kids will make you not want to settle for someone less learned when you eventually move on.8. The rotten richHe pays all your bills and ensures you are well taken care of financially. He will fly you to Paris and take you to the most expensive restaurants. Date this guy who will show you the world, and who will teach you the importance of not settling, as there is a world of wonder to be seen and experienced.9. The too-nice guyEvery woman wants one — the nice guy who is so wonderful he would do just about anything for you. He doesn’t argue with you about anything and allows you to have everything your way. Date this guy, who will show you that you must avoid extremes. Chances are if he’s too nice he will be a pushover too, and dating him will make you see the importance of finding balance.By Donna Hussey-WhiteJamaica Observer LifestyleRelationships Nine men to date before you marry by: – April 14, 2014 Tweetcenter_img Sharing is caring! Share Sharelast_img read more

Bishop Malzaire Addresses Civil Society and Political Groups

first_img 164 Views   no discussions WE AS PASTORS AND PREACHERS AGREE:To recognize that our basic obligation is to promote unity in our communities, and therefore to refrain from saying or doing anything likely to be interpreted as partisan politics; andTo recognize our responsibility to give, at all times and especially during the period before and up to election time, moral and spiritual guidance to our flocks. Share Tweet It is my hope that in the days to come the representatives of the various groups: the Dominica Labour Party, United Workers Party, Freedom Party, Dominica Christian Council, Dominica Association of Evangelical Churches and the Media Association will meet to affix their signatures to the document as a sign of their commitment to work for Justice, Love and Peace in this great country, thus continuing on the trajectory of hope for the future that we all deserve. May the good Lord take us safely through this important time of decision-making. CommentaryLifestyleLocalNewsPolitics Bishop Malzaire Addresses Civil Society and Political Groups by: – October 25, 2019 WE AS POLITICAL PARTIES, POLITICIANS AND PARTY SUPPORTERS AGREE:To address issues and to avoid character assassination and/or mud-slinging (“mepuis”) about our opponents;To avoid half-truths and mis-representations which confuse issues and mislead the electorate;To avoid language or behaviour that is intolerant of others on account of their colour, sex or creed;To uphold the laws of this country regulating the conduct of elections;To vigorously resist the temptation to use bribery or the threat of victimization in any form or fashion in order to gain votes or to intimidate the electorate;To avoid all forms of violence and to do everything possible to defuse any situation which might lead to violence;To discourage all persons from using walls and buildings for offensive inscriptions and graffiti; andTo remember that those elected to office as parliamentarians are called to be faithful stewards and that accountability in office should be their prime commitment. Bishop of the Diocese Roseau, Gabriel Malzaire (file photo)Independence & Hope“Saluting Resilience and Rejuvenation … Two Years On” WE AS CITIZENS ELIGIBLE TO VOTE AGREE:To recognize that every adult citizen has the privilege to vote according to his or her conscience, and therefore the duty not to neglect to exercise this precious right;To make an effort to know the parties, their aims, objectives and policies in order to make a reasonable choice;To vote as free persons and not to debase ourselves by selling our votes for money or any personal favour;To oppose and reject any candidates who use bribery, intimidation or threats of violence to win votes;To reject any invitation to join in the harassment of those whose political views are different from ours;To consider that integrity, impartiality, good character and sound judgment are qualities required of those to be chosen;To remember that no political or economic system is perfect; andTo accept the verdict of the majority, even if this differs from how one has voted in accordance with one’s conscience.center_img WE AS PERSONNEL OF THE MEDIA AGREE:To remember the tremendous influence, we wield over the public;To discharge our responsibility in reporting the news and views with bias toward none and in fairness to all;To avoid the temptation of sensational reporting;To be scrupulous in the search for what is true and honest; andTo remember that the freedom of the Press is one of the pillars to build up the community rather than to destroy it. Share Share PREAMBLERecognizing that the People of Dominica, through the Constitution, have affirmed their belief in principles that acknowledge the supremacy of God and faith in fundamental rights and freedoms;Acknowledging that men and institutions remain free only when freedom is founded upon respect for moral and spiritual values and the rule of law; andDesiring the continuance of a democratic society in which all persons may, to the extent of their capacity, play some part in the institutions of national life and thus develop and maintain due respect for lawfully constituted authority; Happy Independence to everyone! Sharing is caring! In the humdrum of everyday life, every individual and every group of persons need objects of hope to sustain them on the journey towards their particular vision of ultimate fulfilment. This is no less true for a nation. Forty-one (41) years ago our nation, Dominica, took the major step towards self-determination out of a conviction that we have what it takes to chart a course towards development in keeping with our deepest sentiments regarding our needs as a people. A retrospective glance at the socio-cultural and socio-political climate of 1978, one is certain to conclude that it was a great risk.In addition to the turbulent seas on which the Nation had set itself, the breaking from the “safe” administrative and defence ties with the Queen, came Hurricane David in its first ten months. It was no less than a Baptism by fire, as put in biblical parlance. However, here we are, forty-one years hence, having traversed countless trials and challenges, whether by natural causes, like Misses Erika and Maria, or those caused by our many human inadequacies. Thus, the applicability of this year’s national Theme: “Saluting Resilience and Rejuvenation …Two Years On” (or rather 41 Years On).Every year we gather as a nation around this historic occasion to celebrate achievements and to recommit ourselves to nation building with the tacit intention to avoid the errors of the past. In that regard, therefore, every Independence celebration is at one and the same time a moment of festivity and reflection.This year, 2019, is of particular significance, in that, we are on the eve of another very important event in the life of our people. I am referring to the upcoming General Elections, in which every eligible Dominican voter is afforded the opportunity and privilege of having a say in the governance of this beloved country. Like Independence it is one of the greatest symbols of the maturity of a nation. As such, therefore, we are duty bound to act accordingly. While enjoying the full benefit of this festive moment, I wish to invite every patriotic national, to take some time to ponder deeply on the future of our country, as it prepares to engage in this “sacred act”.Therefore, I challenge all citizens: Government, Parliamentary Opposition, the religious community, the Media Association and the entire civil society to take a conscientious look at the Election Code issued by the Dominica Christian Council and which has served throughout the years of Independence, to guide the conduct of the various persons and groups during this pre-election period. It is as follows:E L E C T I O N   C O D Elast_img read more

Two years on, Haiti turns a page

first_img Share NewsRegional Two years on, Haiti turns a page by: – January 10, 2012 Sharing is caring! Share Tweetcenter_img Share 7 Views   no discussions Flag of Haiti. Photo credit: cia.govPORT AU PRINCE, Haiti — As it approaches the second anniversary of the January 2010 earthquake, Haiti is determined to show the world that it is “open for business”Assisted by the Inter-American Development Bank, Haiti´s new government authorities in November held an investment conference in Port-au-Prince that drew more than 1,000 participants, including hundreds of business people from 29 different countries. A number of deals were announced at the event, including several plans to build hotels in the capital.That same week, Haiti broke ground for a new industrial park in the north, part of a broader effort to promote economic activity in that region. The park’s anchor tenant, Korean apparel manufacturer Sae-A, plans to hire as many as 20,000 workers. Other firms, including a furniture maker, a paint manufacturer, an electric cable producer and a call center operator, are in talks to establish operations there.The challenge for Haiti is to build on this momentum and turn the aid-underpinned rebound into sustainable growth and more formal sector jobs. Its new authorities have pledged to push reforms to improve their country’s business climate, while development partners such as the IDB are committed to helping finance indispensible investments to rebuild and modernize its infrastructure and public sector agencies.The IDB is a leading source of assistance for Haiti. In the two years since the earthquake it has approved $442 million in new grants and disbursed nearly $355 million to support projects in education, transport, energy, agriculture, water and sanitation and private sector development. These are the six priority sectors identified in a five-year strategy agreed with the Haitian government, under which the IDB plans to provide around $1 billion in grants.In education the IDB has already approved $100 million in grants for Haiti’s ambitious effort to expand access to and improve the quality of education. A major portion of those funds will help finance the construction of 50 new public schools. Another portion is going to a tuition waiver program that allows some 220,000 children to attend non-public schools for free. The IDB is also working to raise additional contributions from other donors interested in supporting education reform in Haiti.In transport, the IDB is providing assistance to upgrade Haiti’s principal roads, including the RN1, RN2, RN5, RN7 and RN8 highways. These investments help improve communication between the country’s main cities and with the neighboring Dominican Republic. A grant approved in December 2011 also has resources for paving urban streets, a labor-intensive project that will generate thousands of temporary jobs in several towns and cities.In energy, the IDB is working with other donors such as the World Bank and the US Agency for International Development to help Haiti carry out a comprehensive reform of its electricity sector. In 2011 the IDB approved grants to secure the financing needed to revamp the Péligre hydroelectric plant, the country’s main source of renewable energy. By refurbishing its three turbines and electromechanical equipment, the plant will recover its 54 megawatt installed capacity.Agriculture is a top priority for Haiti, as nearly half of its population lives in rural areas. The IDB is supporting the national rural development plan, providing resources for a wide variety of activities, from irrigation to watershed management. The most recently approved operation will finance a technology transfer program that will provide subsidies to farmers to improve their productivity.In water and sanitation the IDB works closely with Spain’s government to help Haiti improve services in Port-au-Prince, five mid-size cities and dozens of rural communities. One of the biggest challenges in this sector is to turn around the capital’s ailing water utility. To that end, the DINEPA water and sanitation agency has hired a team of foreign experts, who have started to address the problems.In terms of private sector development, during 2011 the IDB approved a $55 million grant for the construction of the industrial park in the north as well as an $11 million grant for a program to provide business development services to small and medium-size companies. This program will complement the activities of a fund established with a €50 million contribution from Spain to co-finance loans to Haitian SMEs with local banks and microfinance institutions.The IDB’s Multilateral Investment Fund, which has traditionally focused on microenterprises, continued to test innovative solutions. One of its most recent projects seeks to restore Haiti as a producer of high quality coffee, working with farming cooperatives and organizations. The project is supported by the French development agency AFD, the Colombian Coffee Growers Federation and food giant Nestlé.For the IDB, the challenge will be to help its Haitian counterparts step up the pace of project execution at the same time as they strengthen their institutional capacity. To that end the IDB has a team of 55 people working on the ground, supported by many more specialists at headquarters.“We have a vision of the future of Haiti, and now we must begin transforming that vision into reality,” said Agustín Aguerre, manager of the IDB’s Haiti Country Department. “I think that’s the challenge of 2012.We moved from the gloom of 2010, to the dreams of 2011, and now 2012 must be the year of people working and children in schools.” Caribbean News Nowlast_img read more

New Fisherfolk Cooperative asked to maintain accountability

first_imgHon. Reginald Austrie.Parliamentary Representative for the Cottage Constituency Reginald Austrie has told fishermen in the north that they will be held responsibility for the financial accountability of the organization.He made the remarks while addressing the official opening of the St John’s Fisher folks Cooperative in Portsmouth on Wednesday.According to Austrie, while government will seek to empower communities, a certain level of professionalism and accountability must be recognized.“We have a record of empowering other cooperatives but you have to show a certain level of responsibility and accountability. Sometimes when we hear about accountability people think it’s just about government ministers but that’s not the case. Every one of us must be accountable at some point in our lives”.He said further; “You know what happens when we don’t account”. Austrie admonished the Cooperative to work as a team despite the challenges which they may be faced with. “When trouble comes you have to hold on, you have to keep it together, you have to work as a team in order to make this thing work”.He said politics and religion should be no part of the operations of the organization.“This is not a church or a political platform. All views have to contend, all people of all colors have to speak freely here. If you let politics and religion form part of this organization it will fall apart,” he cautioned.Dominica Vibes News 16 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Share LocalNews New Fisherfolk Cooperative asked to maintain accountability by: – March 24, 2012center_img Share Share Tweetlast_img read more

Barbados: CCJ hearing Myrie case today

first_img Share SHANIQUE MYRIE will have her day in court todayIT’S ANTICIPATED that all eyes will be on the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) today as judges turn their attention to the high-profile Shanique Myrie case.The turnout at the Barbados Supreme Court and viewers of the CCJ live streaming are expected to be higher than the first two days of the court’s sitting, but CCJ president Sir Dennis Byron said yesterday he expected “the usual standard of decorum”.At today’s preliminary procedural hearing, the justices will hear an application for leave to grant Myrie permission to have her case heard by the CCJ.The 24-year-old Jamaican has alleged she was finger raped by a female Immigration officer, insulted, and then denied entry to Barbados on March 14.Sir Dennis said he could not anticipate whether a decision would be made by the end of the sitting today.“The court would like to act as promptly as it can but obviously can make no undertaking until it has heard the parties in the matter,” he said in response to questions from the DAILY NATION.Myrie, who arrived in Barbados on Monday evening, is represented by Jamaican attorneys Michelle Brown and Mark Ramsay while the Barbados Government’s defence team is led by Roger Forde, QC.Hers is the third of four matters which the CCJ is hearing this week. Yesterday, Sir Dennis and Justices Jacob Wit, Winston Anderson, Desiree Bernard and Adrian Saunders heard the appeal of the Guyana Furniture Manufacturing Ltd vs Robert Ramcharran and the National Bank of Industry and Commerce. That was preceded on Monday by Marjorie Ilma Knox vs John Deane et al., popularly known as the Kingsland Case.The final matter tomorrow will be Mayan King Ltd vs Jose Luis Reyes et al.This is the first-time the CCJ is sitting outside its Trinidad and Tobago headquarters and Sir Dennis said he was satisfied with the provisions at the Barbados court.“The accommodation provided and the processes encountered are of very high quality and we would like to express appreciation to the Chief Justice, the Registrar and their support staff for facilities provided and the courtesies extended to the court,” he said.By Dawne ParrisNation News 11 Views   no discussions Sharing is caring! Tweetcenter_img Share NewsRegional Barbados: CCJ hearing Myrie case today by: – April 18, 2012 Sharelast_img read more

Former Grand Bay parliamentary representative passes on

first_img Sharing is caring! LocalNews Former Grand Bay parliamentary representative passes on by: – June 22, 2012 Share 82 Views   2 comments Sharecenter_img Tweet Share Mr. Fabien receiving the Sisserou Award of Honor from President Liverpool.Former minister of health and parliamentary representative of the Grand Bay constituency, John Fabien has died.Fabien who battled with bladder cancer for the last few years succumbed to his illness this afternoon at the country’s main hospital.Fabien became the parliamentary representative for the Grand Bay constituency following the death of sitting prime minister Pierre Charles in 2004.He was replaced by Justina Charles, the wife of Pierre Charles at the last general elections in 2009.Before taking office, he served as the permanent secretary in the Ministry of Health for a number of years.Just last year, he received the Sisserou Award of Honour; the highest civilian award on Independence Day.Dominica Vibes Newslast_img read more

Coronavirus: Premier League clubs to play behind closed doors

first_img The DCMS later issued a statement which read: “Based upon the current scientific advice from the Government’s medical experts there is no rationale to close or cancel sporting events as things stand. “We will remain in regular dialogue with sports governing bodies and broadcasters, ensuring they are in receipt of the most up to date guidance from the health authorities.” It is believed they discussed playing behind closed doors, limiting fan numbers and also stopping over-70s from going to games because they would be more vulnerable to the coronavirus. However, such a ban would be hard to enforce and would probably be down to individuals. It is believed the FA may be open to lifting restrictions on live TV coverage of games at 3pm on Saturdays if fans were locked out but neither that or matches being shown free-to-air was discussed. Read Also:Premier League: Super-sub Lacazette lifts Arsenal’s Euro bid Several clubs have banned players attending community events, signing autographs and also taking selfies while both the Premier League and the Football League have banned pre-match handshakes. FacebookTwitterWhatsAppEmail分享 There is a growing feeling among top-flight clubs that games will end up being played without fans as the disease continues to spread. And Wolves fans were scuppered when UEFA announced their Europa League match against Olympiakos in Greece on Thursday night will be behind closed doors. Some supporters had already started their journey. Football bosses attended the Department of Culture, Media and Sport coronavirus meeting in London on Monday and while there is no immediate threat to games, they have been told to make sure they are prepared. It comes after Premier League bosses, the Football Association, the Lawn Tennis Association among others were summoned along with broadcasters. Culture secretary Oliver Dowden said there was “no reason” to shut out spectators but the DCMS later said the meeting put forward proposals about how staging games behind closed doors “could work in practice”. Loading… Premier League clubs have been told to make contingency plans for playing games behind closed doors. Promoted ContentBest & Worst Celebrity Endorsed Games Ever Made10 Risky Jobs Some Women Do7 Universities In The World With The Highest Market ValueBirds Enjoy Living In A Gallery Space Created For Them12 Movies That Almost Ended Their Stars’ CareersMost Outstanding Female Racers Who Made History In SportsThe Very Last Bitcoin Will Be Mined Around 2140. Read MoreInsane 3D Spraying Skills Turn In Incredible Street ArtWho Is The Most Powerful Woman On Earth?7 Truly Incredible Facts About Black Holes8 Best 1980s High Tech GadgetsWhat Are The Most Delicious Foods Out There?last_img read more

Man caught ‘stealing’ game fowls

first_imgThe 47-year-old Dennis Montanez stole twofighting cocks worth P16,000 owned by Joselito Villanueva, police said. He was detained in the lockup cell of PoliceStation 7, facing theft charges./PN Montanez – resident of the village – wascaught around 11 p.m. on Jan. 13, the police added.center_img BACOLOD City – For allegedly stealinggame fowls, a man was arrested in Barangay Vista Alegre.last_img

Student caught ‘selling marijuana’

first_img“Ka-grupo at konektado din sa mga Batang Pasaway si Abuel. Noong Oktubre, may lumapit na isang nanay sa kapulisan na  itong si Abuel ay nagtitinda ng marijuana sa kanyang anak. Nakita ng nanay sa Facebook Messenger. Kadalasan mga kustomer ni Abuel ang mga estudyante sa tatlong highschool at college sa Kalibo,”Andrade said. Charges for violation of Republic Act9165, or the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 will be filed againsthim./PN The 18-year-old Jerenz Abuel was nabbedin a drug buy-bust operation in Barangay Poblacion. In his defense, Abuel denied hisinvolvement in the illegal drug trade. However, according to Aklan ProvincialDrug Enforcement Unit chief Major Frenzy Andrade, the suspect was placed undersurveillance by drug operatives for his illegal drug-related activities sinceOctober last year. Jerenz Abuel “Nag-iisa lang ako na pumunta sa computer shop pagkatapos ng klase itong hapon.Hindi ako gumagamit at nagtitinda ng illegal na droga, at hindi sa akin ang marijuana. Pauwi na ako nang dinakip ako ng mga pulis.Ang nakuha sa akin ay mga dahon ngipil-ipil,” he said. Abuel – resident of Barangay Nalook –was caught after he allegedly sold a plastic of the suspected illegal drugscontaining dried leaves, stem and seeds to an undercover cop for P1,000 around4:40 p.m. on Feb. 18, a police report showed. KALIBO, AKlan – He sold suspectedmarijuana in a computer shop, police said. Abuel was detained in the custodialfacility of the Kalibo municipal police station. When frisked, the suspect yielded aplastic of suspected marijuana, it added.last_img read more